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To demonstrate the connection between the laws of the global-integral system and our ability to identify its characteristics we must turn to other fields of science. First, we need to realize that we do not perceive reality for what it is, but for what we believe it to be. In an online essay titled, “Objective Science: an Inherent Oxymoron,” Dr. Johnston Laurance, former director at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, wrote, “All scientific observation—even at the most fundamental level—is affected by the observer’s consciousness. In this regard, the statement, ‘I’ll see it when I believe it’ is more apropos than its commonly stated converse.” [115]

In that essay, Dr. Laurance quoted several other like-minded scientists and thinkers, such as 19th century neurologist Jean Martin Charcot, considered the founder of modern neurology: “In the last analysis, we see only what we are ready to see, what we have been taught to see. We eliminate and ignore everything that is not part of our prejudices.”

Thus, to devise the right solution to the crisis, we must first adjust ourselves to it so that the tools with which we approach the problems will be the right tools. Are there economists who can already offer viable solutions to the crisis? Regrettably, for many years academia has taught us how to produce financial wealth, rather than economic balance and harmony in our society. In order to even approach the crisis in the right frame of mind, we must become re-educated about many aspects of the economy.

[115] Laurance Johnston, “Objective Science: An Inherent Oxymoron” (April 2007),

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