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An Opportunity to Build a New Economy

The existing systems cannot be discarded offhandedly. We have a major challenge ahead of us that entails a profound change of perception on our part. Such a change requires transforming our thinking from models of personal and local benefit to models that focus first and foremost on meeting the necessities of all people, replacing the pursuit of wealth, over-consumption, and status symbols with new, nonmaterial benefits that come from contributing to the global-integral human society.

The opportunity before economists is a rare gem, a once in many generations event. Humanity is at the threshold of a new era in which new causalities appear. Economists have the privilege of being the pioneers who will adjust the structure of the human society to the new reality. Those among them who are wise enough to build the new economy in line with the principle that we are all connected in a global-integral network will be well rewarded. The fate of the world rests on their ability to make that change and lead humanity to global prosperity and abundance.

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