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Shamati Nr 26 One's Future Depends and Relates to Gratitude for the Past


"It is written, "The Lord is high and the low will see," that only the low can see the greatness of the Creator. The letters Yakar (lit. Precious) are the letters Yakir (lit. will know). What does it mean? It means that one knows the greatness of a thing to the extent that it is precious to one.

One is impressed according to the importance in the thing that impresses. The impression brings one to a sensation in the heart..."

When something is important to me I become attached to it. I give it attention; I begin to feel it more, to understand it more. My heart is in the object that is important to me. So it follows that through the attention and through the importance ascribed to an object, I acquire its knowledge, get closer to it, and merge with it. It becomes familiar to me.

"...and according to the value of one's recognition of the importance, to that extent the joy is born in." Now he understands this object, is connected with it.

"Thus, if one knows one's lowness..." What does it mean "lowness"? "...that one is not more privileged than one's contemporaries." There is nothing special in him, he is just like everybody else. "...meaning that one sees that there are many people in the world who were not given the strength to work the holy work even in the simplest of ways. Even without the intent and in Lo Lishma (lit. not for Her Name), even in Lo Lishma of Lo Lishma, and even the preparation for the preparation of the clothing of Kedusha (lit. Sanctity).

Meaning they have no connection with the Creator, with the eternal force in any way. Having this connection, it makes no difference whether they live or die. If they turned to the Creator, had any connection with Him even for a split second, this connection remains. One sees that the entire world doesn't even know about it, that there is something great, huge, eternal that they could have a connection with.

"He, on the other hand, was imparted the desire and the thought to nevertheless occasionally do this holy work even in the simplest possible way." So he nevertheless was given that tiny contact, even if for a second.

"If one can appreciate the importance of it..." that's all he needs. If at one time one was given any thought, any pinch in the heart, that's enough. That point of connection he can now catch with his hands. At this point, he doesn't need more than that.

"...according to the importance that one ascribes to the holy work." That is, this connection with the Creator. " that extent one should give praise and be grateful for it." If one indeed becomes greatful for it. "This is so because it is true that we cannot appreciate the importance of being able to sometimes [even for one second] keep the Mitzvot of the Creator." That is, something that He wants, something related to Him. "...even without any intent. In that state one comes to feel elation and joy of the heart."

That point of connection with the Creator exists now; it depends on the person to which extent he widens this connection and turns it into a big communication channel. If one has that point, it is enough. The rest depends on the importance one ascribes to it. This connection can be enhanced infinitely.

"The praise and the gratitude that one gives for it expand the feelings, and one is elated by every single point in the holy work."

From that tiny point one begins to feel more and more all kinds of moods, tastes, and connections between him and the Creator, for only he, his sensation determines the size of this point. But, in fact, if the Creator gives the tiniest thought of Him, of His work, of the Purpose of creation, this is enough. That connection now exists and only the person has a possibility of expanding it. From the Creator's side everything is done.

" knows who's worker he is and thus rises ever higher. This is the meaning of what is written, 'I thank Thee for the grace that Thou hast made with me,' [for giving the tinest connection] meaning for the past, and one can confidently say, and does say, 'and that Thou will do with me.'"

Now one is certain that he is going toward opening this connection with Him to eternity. And it all depends on the greatness and importance that one gives to the Creator and the lowness that one ascribes to himself. As it is written that one's future from now on depends and relates to gratitude for the past, and to how grateful he is for the point of connection that the Creator built in him.

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