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Who am I and what do I exist for?
Why was I born?
Where did I come from?
Where am I heading?

Have I already been here? Will I return here?
What is my role in the universe?

Can I really learn to know myself and those around me?

Is it possible for me to understand the reasons for everything that happens to me in my life?
What are the reasons for all the agony and suffering in the world , and is it possible to prevent it somehow?
Can I attain complete fulfillment in this lifetime, and if so how?

The single answer to all these questions is attaining the perfection of upper world, which is filled with pleasures. This is the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which provides a practical method for understanding the goal of creation and our purpose in life: achieving tranquility, eternity, and unbounded joy while still living in this world. In this manner a person takes control over his life and transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Our goal is to assist you embark on the first stages of the path to spiritual ascent and attainment of the spiritual realms.

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