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Editor’s Note

The original manuscripts of these writings are stored in the ARI Institute archive.

The publication process was quite complicated due to the condition of the manuscripts, and because of the great density of the texts. First, we located all the writings that belong to the “Writings of the Last Generation” by their content. Subsequently, we meticulously copied the texts without any corrections of typos or editing. Where we could not decipher a word or part of a word, we marked it with ellipses [...].

We divided the writings into five parts and an introduction, according to their appearance in the manuscripts. It should be noted that the ordering of the parts was done by us. All the titles in the writings were given by Baal HaSulam himself, and where marking a title had to be added we used only the ABC letters.

We should pay close attention to the lion share in “The Writings of the Last Generation,” Part One. According to the manuscript, the material is in fact divided into two: 1) Essay, 2) Appendices and drafts of the essay.

The Editor

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