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Seventh Talk: Two Worlds: Our World and the Spiritual

When we are in this world and we begin to study the spiritual world, we first learn to build our inner attitude according to the spiritual world, and then we gradually learn the external attitude. The Creator wants us to live in this world according to spiritual laws. The more a person is able to exit out of his “I” to the outside, the more he acquires the ability to feel the spiritual and to rid himself of his body, which is the cause of all his problems.

For example, by studying the world of Atzilut, we are able to use it as a model for how society should be constructed in our world. By doing this, we immediately become influenced by the spiritual forces. They protect us, take care of us, and direct us by giving each person the amount that he is able to perceive with his uncorrected Kelim.

These two worlds, our world and the spiritual, are parallel to each other. The spiritual forces and the light descend upon us from above. However, they are not able to clothe our world, because our world is opposite to spirituality due to its desire to receive for its own sake. Yet, if we build even a small society that is equivalent to the laws of the spiritual world, then all of the positive forces from above will be able to clothe the members of this society, elevating them to a height of the spiritual level from which these forces descend.

We are required to seriously prepare and to build the spiritual borders. This is the best thing a person can do for himself, his family, the people around him and the whole world. Gradually, the whole world will be able to feel something that is more exalted, if even a small society will be created in the world that lives by the spiritual-altruistic laws. We have to want this very much, and then we will receive help from above.

The Creator created the soul that has the desire to receive. The amount of these desires is 600,000. If the soul is divided into this many parts, then each one of them will be called a person’s soul. What is the difference between the parts? The difference is in the quantity and quality of the desires. I am created in such a way that I aspire for one kind of pleasure, while a different person aspires for another one. There are different desires and different pleasures, but the upper light is only one. The difference is only in our desires, which are different in every person.

It is impossible to substitute one desire for another. Therefore, the common soul contains all of the desires that were created by the Creator. Each desire is a specific kind of light, and every person separately perceives each pleasure in a unique way. Moreover, this person is not able to feel a different kind of pleasure.

Originally, we were created different from each other with regard to the kind of desire we have and the quantity of a desire. We should not complain to anyone or about anything, because this is what the Creator wanted. Therefore, every person has his own path and his own incarnations in this world, until we ultimately arrive at the final goal of creation.

Nevertheless, there is a common and unifying factor within all of us. This is the collective goal of creation: to correct the desire to receive for our own sake, which was created in us, into the desire to receive for the Creator’s sake. This will allow every person to unify into one with the Creator and to connect with the others within Him. And in doing so we acquire the eternal, infinite and huge collective soul, receiving the full and perfect pleasure within it.

The egoistic Kli in which we were created is very small, and the pleasure it is able to receive is limited in the quantity, duration and quality of the pleasure. We chase after something, and we suffer when we do not have it. We look for it, and as soon as we achieve it we lose interest in it. Next, there follows a new suffering and the chase for a new pleasure, and this continues until we finally end our life in this world without having fulfilled even a part of our desires.

If only there were no time difference between our desire and the pleasure we receive! Just imagine: I suddenly want something, and I receive it right away. This is called perfection. And of course, I am not talking about the attainment of a small animal pleasure, but rather about the attainment and perception of boundless pleasure that immediately fulfills any spiritual desire.

Every person, with his small egoistic desire, is able to change his intention into “for the sake of the Creator” and thus to increase and eternalize his desires, as well as the huge and boundless pleasure that he will receive in them. This pleasure is equal to the unified collective soul, and this means that it will become equal to the Creator.

Firstly, every soul has to become connected with all of the other souls. Then, each soul’s tiny desire will grow to become the size of the collective soul and it will receive accordingly. The famous communist motto that says: “from each person according to his ability and to each person according to his need”, comes from the spiritual and relates only to the spiritual.

The part, “To receive according to one’s need” – depends on a person’s spiritual level or his screen. The more a person wants to receive, the more desires he still needs to correct. His desire to receive for his own sake does not allow him to correctly receive according to his need, and it limits him even more. In addition, if he is not corrected yet, then he will not be able to bestow according to his ability.

Only by changing his intention from reception into bestowal, that is, by passing into the spiritual, does a person begin to correctly understand the meaning of the call to “bestow according to one’s ability and receive according to one’s need”. When a person understands this correctly then he decides once and for all to be completely fulfilled, and to be eternal and perfect.

When a person is in the spiritual, he learns to bestow more and more and to receive only the minimum he needs for life. When a person unifies with the Creator he becomes the same as Him, that is, he bestows everything without receiving anything for himself. However, this is precisely the reason why he becomes fulfilled by everything. Ultimately, bestowal becomes the reward, and this is the reason why that kind of life is eternal; the light does not have any interruptions and it is constantly inside of the Kli. After all, death is precisely when the light exits out of the Kli.

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