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A Guide to the New World A Guide to the New World

Why does 1% of the world population own 40% of the wealth? Why are education systems throughout the world producing unhappy, poorly educated children? Why is there hunger? Why are food prices rising when there is more than enough food for everyone? Why are there still countries where human dignity and social justice are nonexistent? And when and how will these wrongs be made right?..

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The Psychology of the Integral Society The Psychology of the Integral Society

The Psychology of the Integral Society presents a revolutionary approach to education. In an interconnected and interdependent world, teaching children to compete with their peers is as “wise” as teaching one’s left hand to outsmart its peer, the right hand. An integral society is one in which all the parts contribute to the well-being and success of the society. The society, in turn, is responsible and cares for the well-being and success of its elements, thus forming co-dependence. In a globalized and integrated world, this is the only sensible and sustainable way to live...

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Unlocking The Zohar Unlocking The Zohar

Unlocking The Zohar is an invitation to a wondrous journey to a higher world. The author, Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, wisely ushers us into the revelations of the Sulam commentary. In so doing, Laitman helps us fine-tune our thoughts as we read in The Zohar, to maximize the spiritual benefit derived from reading it. In addition to explaining The Book of Zohar, the book contains numerous inspiring quotes from The Zohar, specifically translated, edited, and compiled for easy reading and understanding of this powerful text...

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Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era

Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era presents a new perspective on the challenges currently facing the world. Dr. Laitman shows the reader that the problems of the world are the consequence of humanity’s growing egotism. In that spirit, the book suggests ways to use our egos for society’s benefit, rather than merely for our own self-interest...

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Children of Tomorrow Children of Tomorrow

Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines for Raising Happy Children in the 21st Century is a new beginning for you and your children. Imagine being able to hit the reboot button and get it right this time. No hassle, no stress, and best of all - no guessing. The big revelation is that raising kids is all about games and play, relating to them as small grownups, and making all major decisions together. You will be surprised to discover how teaching kids about positive things like friendship and caring for others automatically spills into other areas of our life through the day...

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Bail Yourself Out Bail Yourself Out

“Everything that exists is an outcome of interaction between two forces—giving and receiving. When they work in harmony, life flows peacefully in its course. When they collide, we must deal with calamities and crises of great magnitude,” says Prof. Michael Laitman. These forces are at work in every aspect of life: family, economy, politics, ecology, and health. Bail Yourself Out: How You Can Emerge Strong from the World Crisis is a guide to mastering these forces on the personal, national, and global levels. With this knowledge, we hold the key to success by harnessing them to our benefit.

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Kabbalah for Beginners Kabbalah for Beginners

Kabbalah for Beginners, an extended version of Kabbalah Revealed, is a book for everyone who is seeking answers to life’s essential questions. We all have problems; we want to know why we are here, why there is pain and how we can make life more enjoyable. The four parts of this book tell us exactly how the wisdom of Kabbalah came about, who discovered and developed it, and what they discovered. Afterwards, the book tells us about the world we live in and finally, it explains how we can make our lives better for ourselves and for our children...

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From Chaos to Harmony From Chaos to Harmony

From Chaos to Harmony: The Solution to the Global Crisis According to the Wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the factors contributing to the perilous state in which we find our world today. Many researchers and scientists agree that the cause of humankind's problems is the human ego. Yet Laitman's groundbreaking new book not only demonstrates that ego has been the basis for all suffering throughout human history but also reveals why we are subject to suffering due to our egos, and how we can turn our plight to pleasure, our troubles to opportunity...

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Attaining the Worlds Beyond Attaining the Worlds Beyond

Attaining the Worlds Beyond is a first step toward discovering the ultimate fulfillment of spiritual ascent in our lifetime. This book reaches out to all those who are searching for answers, who are seeking a logical and reliable way to understand the world’s phenomena. This magnificent introduction to the wisdom of Kabbalah provides a new kind of awareness that enlightens the mind, invigorates the heart, and moves the reader to the depths of their soul...

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Basic Concepts in Kabbalah Basic Concepts in Kabbalah

By reading in this book, one develops internal observations and approaches that did not previously exist within. This book is intended for contemplation of spiritual terms. To the extent that we are integrated with these terms, we begin to unveil the spiritual structure that surrounds us, almost as if a mist had been lifted...

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A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

In a world of escalating crises, we need a light through the storm, a guide to help us see where things have gone wrong, and most importantly, what we can do to make our lives and our world more peaceful and sustainable. These essential needs are exactly why Kabbalah is being revealed to millions today...

Introduction to the Book of Zohar Introduction to the Book of Zohar

Introduction to the Book of Zohar is the second in a series written by Kabbalist and scientist Rav Michael Laitman, which will prepare readers to understand the hidden message of «The Zohar». Among the many helpful topics dealt with in this companion text to The Science of Kabbalah, readers are introduced to the «language of roots and branches,» without which the stories in The Zohar are mere fable and legend...

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Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

Kabbalah, Science & the Meaning of Life traces the milestones of the evolution of science with which we are familiar, such as Newton's and Einstein's theories but goes further to present the science of Kabbalah as the basis for understanding the hidden parts of reality which scientists are now discovering. While other sciences research the definable world around us, Kabbalah teaches us how the spontaneous changes occurring within us affect our surrounding reality. The wisdom of Kabbalah enables us to monitor those changes and control them, and in so doing change our world for the better...

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The Kabbalah Experience The Kabbalah Experience

Never has the language of kabbalah been as clear and accessible as it is here, in this compelling, informative collection. The depth of wisdom revealed in the questions and answers of this book will inspire reflection and contemplation. Readers will also begin to experience a growing sense of enlightenment while simply absorbing the words on every page...

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Kabbalah Revealed Kabbalah Revealed

Kabbalah Revealed: A Guide to a More Peaceful Life is a clearly-written, user-friendly guide to making sense of the surrounding world while achieving inner peace. Each of the six chapters in this book focuses on a different aspect of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, shedding new light on a teaching that has too often been shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. A subtle, yet profound idea weaves the books chapters into a coherent and concrete whole...

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The Path of Kabbalah The Path of Kabbalah

«Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any manner of likeness» (Exodus 20:3).

This commandment from the Bible is the basis of the Kabbalistic wisdom, for Kabbalists know that the only true reality is that of His Essence, the Upper Force. When we accept this concept, we can become truly open to the prospect of freedom for every person, for every nation, and for the entire world...

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The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)

The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) is the first in a series of texts that Rav Michael Laitman, Kabbalist and scientist, designed to introduce readers to the special language and terminology of the Kabbalah. Here, Rav Laitman reveals authentic Kabbalah in a manner that is both rational and mature...

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Interview with the Future

In order to research itself and the surroundings, humanity has developed various sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology etc. They are called Natural Sciences, and they are based on man’s five senses. In order to help himself with studying nature, man built instruments to extend the range of his senses. Gradually, from generation to generation man gained experience and reached a better understanding of the problem of survival in this world. But among all sciences, there is one that develops us quite differently; it is called the science of Kabbalah...

The Open Book

Throughout time, man has sought answers to the fundamental questions of life: who am I? What is the purpose of my being here? Why was the world created and is there life after death. Each of us tries our best to find the answers in our own unique way and through the sources of information at our disposal. Each of us creates his or her own unique perspective on life, depending on what we discover, and the confidence we place in our source of information...

The Point in the Heart The Point in the Heart

We are living in a very special time. People all over the world are dissatisfied with their lives; they sense that life should offer so much more, and they want it. This longing is the awakening of “the point in the heart.” We all have it, and now it is beginning to emerge in millions. Every section in this book is unique and thought provoking, gently and sincerely dealing with the deepest questions that concern all of us today...

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