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Perception of Reality, Part 2

TV Series “Talking Kabbalah”
With Rav Michael Laitman, PhD

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How does a person know how to balance him or her self between matter and spirit?

I don’t know; the person doesn’t know. The person learns out of studying reality that there are five worlds. The lowest is our world, the material world. All the other worlds are spiritual worlds where there is no matter, like there is here in our world; only desires, forces, thoughts. And if in our world it seems to us that we can control matter, the one who elevates to a higher level above our world already realizes that matter is an effect, it’s activated and we can’t control it.

As in the example I gave, all is inside of man: who to marry, where to work, what one’s profession will be. Everything is sealed from the inside; it already is. But if you want to change it, you need to elevate to the level above you, since all these preparations were made for you and planted in you from Above, the way it descended and entered into your body, and then when you are at the root, from there you can change. But in our state, in our life, you will never be able to change anything.

Look at the whole of human history. You can look at anyone. A person could be poor, wealthy, strong, or healthy, it doesn’t matter who. It could be somebody who’s wise and still they’re unable to do anything with their lives. Talk to your elders and ask them, they’ll say “so life went by?” No one can control matter.

We are now in the opposite state, where the whole world, with all of its technology and its economy and everything else, is in total lack of understanding of how to exist further; what to do, how to survive and be saved from the lack of understanding. We’re in a terrible state which is the furthest from balance. And what can help us? Control over matter? Nothing, because matter is only an effect.

This means that before we acquire knowledge and power to be and to change anything at a level which is a bit higher than matter, we won’t have a moment of rest. The world will just seem worse and worse for every generation that comes.

Call it spirit. Why is it called spirit? If we don’t see our clothing, it is called spirit, meaning matter itself. Take man, remove all of the flesh and bones, and whatever is on him and what remains of him?

The fact is that you can’t see it with your eyes, smell it with your nose, or grab hold of it, but it actually is the person, and not the flesh. Flesh, we already know how to replace, how to hide it, how to make it. Go ahead, you can replace anything inside of a person and the person will remain the same, meaning that the flesh doesn’t amount to anything.

Our problem is that we don’t know this power that is inside of man, which is called man, and we don’t know the forces that act on us either, on this inner person that’s inside of us; we don’t know. Because when we relate to the world of our surrounding reality, we relate to substances - inanimate, vegetative, living. We don’t relate to the forces that are acting.

Whoever elevates to the level of seeing forces in reality and forces in people, he or she is in control. Man can’t control anything, let’s not delude ourselves. Not our thoughts, not feelings, nothing, and if a person tries to control one thing, then it turns out to be on the expense of something else. That’s not called control.

What is control?

I need to hear from you for instance, that to drink this kind of water is healthier and more beneficial than another kind of water. So then I start, meaning I choose one over the other and this is called that I control, I control one desire. I take instead of it another desire and use that one. This isn’t control. True control is that I reach the spiritual world, a higher world, a higher level above my reality. I observe my reality from there and then I choose what is good. That’s called control.

Look, as much as we reveal in nature, through all of our research and any kind of science, we only discover one thing: that everything behaves according to a definite, predetermined, absolute set of laws which never change. Everything works according to cause and effect; everything is organized according to formulas. So what are you going to change? Where do you want to penetrate and determine something? And according to what intelligence? I don’t understand that either. It is impossible.

Tell me, is there something in our lives, even at the human levels - thoughts, desires, hormones, genes, or the laws of quantum physics, no matter what, where we can change anything?

We only study the way that it exists because a change is only possible from the root, where all of the results in this world are. They’re in the beginning, where all things are born, where there is a causal level. If you enter there, if you can be there, only then you can cause a change.

Why does everyone run for government? Because from there you determine what will later happen in the country.

That’s it; this is what we need to reach. And if the point in the heart was open for someone and if he or she feels that they have some connection, an impulse to something more, something slightly higher, a higher state, it means that the person can attain it. It’s the sign that you can be "elected to the government" so to speak, to set the rules, to change the situation, and that’s what we have to achieve.

All disasters and troubles, all the things that happen to us one way or another, causing us to be unsatisfied with life, they’re all there in order to push us to elevate a little and to control reality.

These are messages that want to awaken us so we’ll have a need for this control, which is what man has to reach. And the wisdom of Kabbalah says that each and every person will eventually reach it.

Thought has no speed. Its speed is simply infinite, zero time, infinite speed which is how thought functions. Why? Take each and every cell of our body, the way it connects with all the other cells. The information is transferred at an infinite speed.

It’s also like that between all of the parts of our universe; the information, the knowledge, expands at an endless speed. Otherwise there would be no rules at all.

What are the laws we discover? We reveal the entire system, how it’s constructed and how it moves. If it is moving, then it’s moving towards balance at a certain velocity - the stars, the planets, all sort of objects, gasses, and other things. We discover laws that are not random, indicating that everything is connected to everything. This whole system knows everything about itself. It’s not that an explosion occurred here and then later on some information from this explosion will reach the other end in so many years. It isn’t the speed of light that comes out of the explosion. I’m talking about information. Information expands at an infinite velocity and its power also has the greatest infinite frequency. And that’s how it is in our body.

So whoever reaches the level of thoughts, the level of intentions is considered to be in control. Once some knowledge of Kabbalah is attained, everything begins to be understood. I wish for you to open your eyes and to see the spiritual world and from there, to start determining everything in this world.

The thought of creation is “to give to His creatures”. Reality is a single thought that doesn’t change. It is a thought of bestowal, the bestowal of goodness. If we don’t relate to that thought which includes the whole of reality in an equal way, then we enter into some imbalance with it. According to the extent of the imbalance, we suffer.

We just don’t realize it, don’t feel it, and even when we hear about it, we just hear, and if we could feel that it is so, we would make a change. So our problem is to open our eyes and to see that it’s so. The wisdom of Kabbalah helps a person to see and once we see, we certainly want to correct it.

You could put your hand in a fire or jump from a tenth story, but you won’t do it, because you see that by not doing it, it’s better for you. So then to give or to receive, whatever it is, you will do what’s good for you and that’s the end of it. Hence, our entire problem is to see what’s now concealed from us and then there will be no problem, you’ll be a good kid, doing everything necessary for your own good. All of the difficulty is just in opening our eyes.

If all is written then why make an effort?

It is not written when you will cross. I can now be done with this entire path and achieve balance with the Upper power, with the benevolent ‘Thought of Creation’ and enter this spiritual nirvana, literally good, benevolent, wholeness, eternity; just constantly being in an adventure that never ends. I can do it now, or suffer through twenty more incarnations and that’s the difference.

After the point in the heart opens in a person, then the person really becomes accountable. Anyone who still doesn’t have a point in the heart lives, in the meantime as an animal, not really having any free choice.

A person lives the way he or she lives, born according to hormones and genes, moving forward until they end their life. This is also how we’ve been living in previous incarnations. From the moment that you’re given a point in the heart, which is called “a divine part from Above” it means that you were given a point from a state that is opposite to you. When you evaluate your heart, which is the sum of your attributes, against this point, which is from a state opposite to you, from the external reality, the thought of giving, of bestowing, then you can already make a comparison and learn what it is that you have to equalize yourself with, and what you’re drawn to. Before a person has the possibility of making this comparison, there’s nothing that can be required of the person. The person is simply in their nature and is considered to be like an animal.

Once the person has these two discernments inside, he or she starts to sense something disturbing, uncomfortable, not knowing what it is. The person can’t find an answer in this world because this point is located in the external reality which is part of the Upper world, at a higher level. So from the moment the person is given these two points that already exist in him or her, the person begins to ask and to demand. From then on the person is considered as having a choice. You are actually the only person, or one of the single people that can change their destiny.

Is it possible to take children and to awaken the point in the heart before it appears?

It is almost impossible, meaning that a person actually must evolve and suffer, until this point awakens in him or her.

What is the body needed for?

The body, meaning this flesh, seems to us that it exists. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist in this way, but is how you sense it exists. You have such senses, that you feel it exists.

Even if we look through the eyes of a dog, for example, through the senses of a dog or senses of some other creature, we would see ourselves in a different way from how we see ourselves now. A dog sees us as a sort of cloud of different smells. We know this. Meaning that we have no body. There are forces. And when we grasp it that way, it’s because we’re built in such a way that we grasp it like that. But it doesn’t really exist.

We learned this also in today’s morning lesson, that nothing exists except for the Upper reality, the Thought of Creation, the Thought of Creation to benefit each and every created being. And we are included in this thought, in equality of form and in balance. That’s the only thing that we are in.

And all of the worlds, including this world, are a concealment over our senses. We’re already in the best possible state that exists, in the only state that exists, and we only have one problem - we have blurred senses. We can’t sense that state, but we sense something much less than that. We’ve got to clean our senses, awaken, rise, get up and feel the true state. Nothing changes except for the perception of reality, the grasping of it. Nothing else changes.

Meaning that what really changes is that part in us that perceives reality. Besides that, there is nothing. Therefore, if you think about changing anything except yourself, it’s just a mistake. Nothing will help you, you can’t change anything and this is the only thing that the world is suffering from. It keeps accumulating bitter experiences in order to eventually realize that it doesn’t help and that it’s not the way.

We need only to correct our senses and that is it.

And believe me, you’ll see an entirely different picture, that you’re at the end of correction, in eternity and wholeness, and I have no words for it. And the body? There is no body. This world? There is no this world. It is pure imagination.

Through thoughts, through our desires, through our mind, we can achieve anything. The speed of thought is infinite, not the speed of light. Thoughts expand at an infinite speed. The power of thought can penetrate through any matter with no limitations. We can definitely attain complete control over reality.

Gradually you’ll see that these concealments (HaAlamot) that are called worlds (Olamot) simply vanish and everything becomes transparent, and there’s nothing besides light that fills everything.

Even those who experience clinical death tell us about it. They also say that there is nothing. They still see themselves there on the operating table, but actually they’re already elevating and becoming included in the light. The fact that we’re not even able to feel the Upper reality and observe ourselves as from the side; this is a problem. And that’s why I said once a person’s eyes are opened, it becomes okay. The person already knows what to do, so our problem is to reach and open up the eyes.

But what about my body?

You just stop sensing it. How? Well sometimes it happens that you really just stop feeling your body and you can be in some kind of euphoria; nothing is hurting you. So it’s possible to feel that way for a moment. So, if it’s possible for a moment, then it’s possible for all of time, and the degree of correction you reach, according to this, you neutralize what is called your body to the extent that you don’t exist. You’re not present, you cross the barrier between life and death. Through this, you open up the spiritual world which you enter. You simply stop being attached to the body, it stops being a factor for you; but for now, keep it.

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