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The Letters "Vov" & "Hey"

191) The ו "Vov" entered and put forth her claim, saying: "O Lord of the world, may it please Thee to use me first in the creation of the world, inasmuch as I am one of the letters of Thy Name - "HAVAYA". Said the Lord to י er: "Thou, ו "Vov", as well as ה "Hey", suffice it to you that you are of the letters of My Name - "HAVAYA", part of the mystery of My Name, engraven and impressed in My Name. I will, therefore, not give you first place in the creation of the world".

Even though this request had already been made by the letter י "Yood" and was rejected; yet, the ו "Vov" thought that the י "Yood" was rejected due to the fact that her dimension of light stems from a high source: the head of "Atzilut"; and therefore the ו "Vov" pleaded that the world be created with her dimension of light, which constitutes the ו "Vov" and the ה "Hey", the light of the last two letters of the Holy Name "HAVAYA", which receives "Meichin" (Light) from the Sephirah "Binah", who is the mother of the letters ו "Vov" and ה "Hey".

GOD said to the ו "Vov" and the ה "Hey": Suffice it to you that you are of the letters of My Name.

GOD answered the ו "Vov" and the ה "Hey" like He answered the י "Yood"; for the י "Yood" was also circumscribed by GOD. He said to her "DYE" (Enough); Do not extend yourself further. The ו "Vov" and the ה "Hey" were also instructed not to stretch out further than the ש "Shin", in order to prevent the "Klippoth" from coming close to you, that is, to the ו "Vov" and the ה "Hey".

This is why you are unsuited for use in my work of creating the world; for you are in danger in that you also must be preserved from attack by the "Klippoth".

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