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The Letter "Yood"

170) The letter י "Yood" then presented herself and said: "May it please Thee, O Lord, to vouchsafe me first place in the creation of the world since I stand first in the Sacred Name".

The Lord said to her: "It is sufficient for thee that thou art engraven and marked in Myself and that thou art the channel of My will; Thou must not be removed from My Name".


171) The reason why the letter י "Yood" felt justified in making her plea before GOD is because the י "Yood" is the first letter of the Holy Name "HaVaYaH" (Yood י Key ה Vav ו and ה Key); that is to say: the י "Yood" is the upper entity and the first revelation of the light of the Holy Name "HaVaYaH". The letter י "Yood" pleaded that the dimension of her light is efficacious to create the world with; for, were GOD to use her dimension of light in the creation of the world, it would, of a surety, bring about the final emendation of the world.

However, the answer to her was: "It is sufficient for thee that thou art engraven and marked in Myself.


172) As aforementioned, the questioning and answering conducted by GOD with the letters as presented their cases before GOD, seeking acceptance from Him for use in the creation of the world, was a source of rejoicing to Him, bringing Him great delight, while conducting the dialogue with the letters.

The entreaty of each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet is symbolic of מ"M.N", the returning light that Man raises from below, whereas the answer that GOD gave to each letter symbolizes מ"ד "M.D", The vertical light that, in return, precipitates from above.


173) The words "Dy Loch", "It is sufficient for Thee", are equivalent to a boundary established upon the light. The words "Dy Loch" די לך carry the implication that the י "Yood" is restricted from descending any further. This answer is comparable to the answer that GOD gave to the Holy Name "SH-DD-Y", שד"י.

It is because, as soon as the י "Yood", which contains the essence of light of the whole "Partzuf" began to extend further down, the Creator, in turn, stopped her; and did not let the י "Yood" descend as far as the last letter, the ת "Tav". However, GOD did permit the light of the י "Yood" to enter into the letter ש "Shin", which has her place above the ת "Tav".

This is dramatized by the words of GOD to the י "Yood":

"Dy Loch", which must be interpreted to mean: "Restrain thyself and do not extend thyself any further".

She was instructed, therefore, to go up, and was told: "You are not fit to be extirpated from My Name; for, were you to extend yourself further, you would not be able again to be fixed in the Holy Name "HAVAYAH".


174) To amplify, a rendition concerning the two Holy Names of Tractate "Pesachim 50" must be cited.

The Sages tell us, in the name of GOD: My Name is not pronounced in accord with the letters written out; that is to say: The Holy Name "HAVAYAH" is spelled י "Yood", ה "Key", ו "Vav" and ה "Key", but it is instead pronounced by the four letters "A.D.N.Y": that is to say: The Holy Name "HAVAYAH" is always immutable.

This is in harmony with the words of the prophet Malachi:


It follows then, that since the world is under the change of time which is invariably under the process of change from corruption to emendation. As a result, there is instability, that is, change in the world.

Therefore, before the world will attain its aims to the "Gmar Hat'Koon" (the Final Perfection), the Holy Name must be pronounced "ADNY", (instead of "HAVAYAH").

This is because in the Holy Name "ADNY", change is probable; but in the Holy Name "HAVAYAH", no change can ever take place.

However, in the future, after the world is brought to completion, the Holy Name "HAVAYAH" will be called just as it is written, that is, "HAVAYAH" instead of "ADNY".

This is stressed in Ezekiel (Last Chapter):



175) As a result, the י "Yood" was commanded by GOD to rise, that is, to keep her place; "For Thou art not fit to be extirpated from my Name": because were you to be used in the creation of the world, and a kind of corruption would happen to you, this would have the effect of making you become rooted out from my Name; for the reason that in my Name "HAVAYAH" no corruption (defect or emendation) ever takes place. It follows then that you are not a fit vessel for Me to use in the creation of the world.


176) GOD told the י "Yood": You are engraven and marked in Myself and My desire is in you, or you are the channel of My will.

It indicates that the י "Yood" of the name "HAVAYAH" abides in three different stages of the world "Atzilut":

  1. Engraven in "Chochmoh" (Wisdom) of "Z.A";

  2. Marked in "Chochmoh" of the Upper "Abbah" and "Immah";

  3. "Chochmoh" which abides in "Arich Anpin".

It is the "Ketter" of the world "Atzilut", designated as the concealed "Chochmoh" of the world "Atzilut". Regarding this highest rung in the World "Atzilut", GOD said that his desire is in this wisdom, thus: "All My desire is in thee".

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