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The Letters "Reish" & "Koof"

61) As discussed above, the letters ק "Koof" and ר "Reish" are the direct source from which the "Citra Achara" (evil side) derives its nurishment.

The evil powers are empowered to get hold of the "Shin" and form a conspiracy against the "Kedushah" (the Good Side).

The evil powers erase the corner of the ד "Dalet" of the word אחד "Echod" (One). This is accomplished by means of the "Klippoth" expropriating to themselves the Sephirah "Yesod" (Foundation) of the holy light of the Sephiroth, which the ש "Shin" dramatizes. It is through the conspiracy of expropriating the ש "Shin" to themselves that the foundation of the feminine principle of the "Klippoth" is built. This evil doing on the part of the "Klippoth" enables them to avail themselves, in a large measure, of the "Kedushah", the holy light, which is designated by the expression "Kesher" (A Band of Conspirators).

The word קשר "Kesher" denotes "a frame-up" or fraudulent scheme, resulting in a tremendous seizure of the "Kedushah" by the evil powers; and, as a consequence, it is very difficult to tear asunder the "Klippoth" from the holy Essence.


62) This will summarize the two existing alternate paths, of which man is apt to choose during the short span of his stay on earth. These paths are:

  1. The path of אמת "Emet" (Truth).

  2. The path of שקר "Sheker" (Falsehood).

At the outset, it must be stressed that, generally speaking, the word "Emet" is a word which embraces the "All Good" in existence, that is, the "Kedushah" (Holiness) in all its ramifications.


63) The word "Emet" is known to be the signature of the King, "Emet" comprises within itself the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This is indicated in the word "Emet" itself, by having The beginning, middle and end of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet appear in the word "Emet": The א "Aleph" is the beginning; מ "Mem" is the middle, and the ת "Tav" is the final letter of the alphabet. The letter מ "Mem", as just stated, is the middle letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which comprises twenty-seven letters, including the five final letters םןץףך "Mem", "Nun", "Zade", "Fe", and "Chaf".

In other words, the original twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet have five final letters, which actually belong to the Hebrew alphabet. It is then that the מ "Mem" is the middle letter of the twenty-seven letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


64) This will explain the path of "Sheker" (Falsehood). "Sheker" is the general term with which the other side (the "Klippoth") is identified.

When the sinner violates the laws of the Torah, he augments the power of the "Klippoth" and, as a result, the three letters of the word "Sheker" become filled out שין "Shin" קוף "Koof" ריש "Resh".

We thus discover that the initial letters of the three words ש "Shin" ק "Koof" ר "Resh" when reading from left to right, שפן that is, in reverse order, make up the Hebrew word "Nefesh" (the soul of man). This means that the sinner is instilling "Life Essence", which is "the soul of the sinner" into the "Klippoth" (the "Sheker").


65) The question that now arises is Wherefrom does the sinner secure the "Nefesh" that he, by violating the laws of the Torah, imparts to the "Citra Achara"? Indubitably, it must be said that the sinner's own "Nefesh" was the one that he forced down into the "Klippoth".

The middle letters of the three words: שין "Snin". קוף "Koof" and ריש "Resh" are י "Yood", ו "Vav", י "Yood", The numerical value of which is 26 equivalent to that of the holy Four Letters of the name "HAVAYA":

י "YOOD"

ה "HEY"

ו "VAV"


ה "HEY"

which is also 26.

Consequently, the sinner excellerates the power of the "Klippoth" by virtue of the sinner selling out his "Neshamah" (his own Soul) to the "Klippoth", and, in additon, ths sinner is also drawing, by means of his sins, the Holy Name, that is, the "Shechinah" (Divinity) into the "Klippoth", where She becomes enmeshed within the body of the "Klippoth". This is corroberated by the words: "? OOMALCHOOSEY BAKEIL MOSHOLOH" ("? AND HIS KINGDOM RULETH OVER ALL".) (ps. 108:l9) ומלכותו בכל משלה .


66) How shocking in its wrongness it is that the Holy Name has to suffer the debasement of being drawn into the "Klippoth" even before the soul of man is affected by the "Klippoth" as the result of his evil doings.

This is comparable to the well known simile in which a king has to visit the places that his son frequents. This is shown in the letters of the words ןיש "Shin", ףוק "Koof" שיר "Resh".

Moreover, the Creator himself, that is, his Holy Name, appears at the place of the "Klippoth" even before the arrival of his son "the soul of man", which is shown by the lettersי "Yood" ו "Vav" י "Yood", which appear in the word "Shin Koof Resh" before the word "Nefesh".

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