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Revelation In Reversed Order

1) In The Zohar, page two, the secret knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet is revealed and expounded by Rabbi Hamnuna, the Ancient. Rabbi Hamnuna, the Ancient, said: We find in the words:

בראשית ברא אלקים את השמים ואת הארץ

"IN TEE BEGINNING GOD CREATED" that the order of the initial letters or these words is reversed. The opening word of the Torah begins with the letter ב "BETH", which is also the initial letter ot the next word, that is: בראשית ברא, "BEGINNING CREATED".

The initial letters of the two words that follow are א "ALEPH". That is, אלקים את, "ELOKIM ET" (GOD THE).


2) Rabbi Hamnuna, the Ancient, goes on to say that when the Creator, willed to create the world, meaning "before creation", all the Letters were still "embryonic", concealed in the head of the SEPHIROTH, חכמה "CHOCHMOH" and הניב "Binah", the SEPHIROTH "Wisdom" and "Intelligence".


3) "Two thousand years" (meaning "Chochmoh" and "Binah") prior to the CREATION of the world, GOD had been gazing at the letters, enjoying their company in contemplation over them.

The Zohar is asking:

  1. Why is it that the letters come in reversed order at the beginning of the TORAH? In the beginning there is a ב "BETH", and after that, an א "ALEPH".

  2. Why are these letters repeated? In the beginning, the letter ב "BETH" appears twice, בב, in the two words בראבראשית "BEGINNING CREATED", and after that, the letter א "ALEPH" appears twice in the two words א א "ELOKIM ET" אלקים את "GOD THE".

The Zohar discusses this problem as follows: Before the Creator, symbolized by the Sephirah "Binah", resolved to create the "world" (symbolized by "TIFERETH" and "Malchut",) the Letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are the vessels of זו"ן "Z.O.N", "TIFERETH" and "Malchut", were concealed. That is, the coarser light from which the letters were made, was still potential. This means that the letters were hidden in "THE BRAIN" of the Sephiroth חכמה "CHOCHMOH" and בינה "BIHAH", which are symbolic of אבא "ABBAH" and אמא "IMMAH" (FATHER and MOTHER). Just as the child is potentially hidden in The "BRAIN" of the parents, so were the letters concealed in the brain of their parents, which are "the two phases" of חכמה "CHOCHMOH" and בינה "Binah" ("ABBAH" and "IMMAH").


4) Before they were revealed, the letters therefore, were unknown, since they were hidden in their source "Binah". The initial letters of the three words ZEIR ONPIN NUKVAH constitute זו"ן, "Z.O.N". ZEIR ONPIN means "small face", that is, the Lesser Light, which is "TIFERETH" (BEAUTY) whereas the נ "N" stands for NUKVAH, "Malchut", the receptacle that receives the light from "TIFERETH".


5) "CHOCHMOH" and "Binah", metaphorically speaking, consitute "two thousand years", which subject matter has previously been given treatment herein.

In the "spiritual" sense, "time" is but a word that was borrowed from the "material" world.

Again, this reveals to us that before the world was created, the letters of "Z.O.N", representing the "PARTZUFIM" (faces) "TIFERETH" and "Malchut", both of which contain within themselves the Hebrew alphabet, were included in ("CHOCHMOH" and "Binah"), בינה וחכמה.

The Zohar questions again: "Is there, then, anyone who would call spuriously"? Rabbi Abba said: "Yes, it is the one who calls and knows not Whom he calls".

"How do you know this"?

Because it is written "to all that call upon Him in "EMET" (Truth)". The Zohar questions: "What is the meaning of the word "EMET"? The answe is: "It is the Seal of the Signet Ring of the King, which is the PERFECTION of All.

In conclusion, GOD answered her that she is not fit to be used for the creation of the world. In the main, it is because, potentially, Her stature is possessed of rigid JUDGMENTS more than the world can suffer; so that even "TSADDIKIM G'MOORIM" (Perfect Righteous) those that have even merited Her Seal and that have fulfilled the Torah from "Aleph through Tav" (A to Z) are still punished because of the severity of her power, that is, they are punished because of having failed to deter the wicked ones from their wicked ways, as stated in Tractate "Shabbat", page 55. In addition to that, she is also the seal of "moveth" (death), that is, the "Tav" likewise terminates the word "moveth" מות (death), and due to her power, death sprung into existence in the world and man is subjected to death just because the serpent forged the signatured of the "Tav" and made "Odom hoRishon" (the first man) to sin through the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as stated in The Zohar Tikkunim 22.

It is therefore impossible for the world to survive through her, that is, by the dominating power of the "Tav", which is all דין "Din" (Judgment).

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