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13) In other words, GOD created two constellations, each one consisting of the four worlds "A.B.Y.A" ("ATZILUT", "BRIAH", "YETZIRA" and "ASSIAH"), which are "one over against the other". An equal power of good and evil was granted to these two constellations, which exercise full sway over man. The war between good and evil will endure in the world until the "Kedushah" (holiness) triumphs over the Other Side (the "Toomah").

It is because of this balance of power that exists between "GOOD" and "EVIL" in the World "ASSIAH" that we cannot distinguish between he who serves GOD in truth and he who does not, meaning that there is no clear line of demarcation to distinguish between "Kedushah" (Holiness) and "Toomah" (Impurity). In view of this prevailing condition in our mundane world, how, then, can the world survive or attain perfection? What criterion are we to employ in order to gain cognizance of how to discriminate between "Kedushah" and "Toomah"?! However, there is one potent distinguishing factor which, when discerned, serves to illuminate the path for the righteous. It must be borne in mind that, when GOD arranged the heavenly constellations, which have been set, as revealed in "Ecclesiastes": "One over against the other". This means "the four pure and holy worlds against the four impure and unholy worlds" whereby GOD then limited the "Evil Shells", to the extent that they are precluded from multiplying and bringing forth any blessings whatsoever; that is to say: GOD rendered the "Citra Acharah" sterile and impotent.


14) As a consequence, those who are obstructed or entangled by the "Klippoth" (Evil Shells), are made to walk in the path of the "Other Side", that is, "A.B.Y.A d'TOOMAH". The well of such people becomes dry so that they cannot produce the blessing of spiritual fruits. Being united with "A.B.Y.A d'TOOMAH", they gradually wither away until their source of spiritual sustenance is entirely concealed from them.

However, those who are united with the light of "Kedushah" will eventually become worthy of receiving blessing; for GOD will make the works of their hands to prosper. This is dramatized in Psalm One, Verse Three, thus:

"…. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper".

Thus, it is the "spiritual enrichment", that is, the grasping of the "secrets" of the TORAH, which is the only clarification, the distinguishing test in "ASSIAH" (this mundane world), whereby one can ascertain whether it is "Kedushah" or "Toomah", (holiness or defilement).

In the following words, the subject matter just treated is dramatized, thus: "…And prove me now, said the Lord of hosts if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it" (Malachi 3:10,11). And after that, the prophet states in verse 18 of chapter Three: "Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth GOD and him that serveth Him not".

This explains how the servant of GOD can determine whether his service is acceptable to GOD. It is through the "blessing" that the "Kedushah" provides, as voiced by the prophet: "And prove me now herewith…”.


15) Hence, all the letters appeared before GOD; for each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet thought that the degree of "Kedushah" allotted to it sufficed to make it fit and eligible to be chosen by GOD for the creation of the World.

Each one of the twenty-two letters is the head of a "Madreigo" (degree of holiness) found in the four worlds "A.B.Y.A" and thus each one of the letters considered the worth of its "dimension of light" a sufficient "reservoir or light", that is the requisite qualification for the creation of the world.

In other words, each one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet believed that the servant of GOD, by virtue of c1inging to his "Madreigo" (degree of holiness) would succeed in augmenting the power of "Kedushah" over the "Toomah" and thus subdue the "Klippoth", in order to bring about "the final emendation of the world".


16) However, GOD, answered each one of the letters, making known to each one of them individually that against its power, a like power had also been vouchsafed the "Klippoth", and therefore, man would not be able to achieve through it the means of ascertaining whether it, "the letter" is on the side of the "Kedushah" or the "Toomah", (Impurity).

Of all the letters, only the ב "Beth" is symbolic of blessing. When the "Beth" appealed to GOD to create the world with her, the letter ב "Beth" was told, that due to the fact that the ingredient requisite for creation was possessed by her, the world would therefore be created with her.


17) Thus, within the ב "Beth" alone is contained the means of determining whether or not one is serving GOD in truth; as aforesaid, this merit (the blessing) is lacking in the opposite side (the "Klippoth"), the evil power have been rendered impotent by GOD, due to her having been rendered sterile by the Maker, and as a result cannot bring forth any fruit.

Consequently, it is through the letter ב "Beth" alone that the service rendered by Israel to GOD will tide the world over until it reaches "perfection".

In other words, the preponderance of the "Kedushah" that the "Beth" is endowed with over and above the "Toomah" (the "Klippoth") will wipe out death forever. At that time, the world will reach its "Gmar ha Tikkun", that is, its "restoration" and "ultimate perfection".

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