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The Barrier

2) The first barrier exists in the mouth ("Malchut") of the head of a "Partzuf". By bringing up "OHR CHEIZER", the returning light from below, "Malchut" thereby obtains the power to build, not only the head of a "Partzuf"; but "Malchut" becomes enriched with the power to also build the body of a "Partzuf", by extending herself from the mouth down to the navel of a "Partzuf".

The first structure of head and body was realized in the first world, that of the "Partzuf" of "Adam Kadmon". Consequently, the twenty-two letters are the offspring of the םןץףך "M.N.Z.P.CH.", which are actually the five articulations of the mouth, which is "Malchut". They are:

  1. The "Lips";

  2. The "Palate";

  3. The "Throat";

  4. The "Tongue";

  5. The "Teeth".

By means of these five articulations, the expression of all the twerty-two letters of the speaker is made manifest.

There is a secret that, in writing, these five letters םןץףך "M.N.Z.P.CH." come at the end of the words. However, in speaking, they are articulated at the beginning of the twenty-two letters since they are the origin of the revelation of the letters. As a result, altogether there are twenty-seven letters.


3) The construction of the vessels of the ten Sephiroth of a "Partzuf" is made up of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The five letters םןץףך "M.N.Z.P.CH." are the five powers of Judgment. They possess an inherent power to prevent the light from above from passing beyond the barrier.

Inasmuch as there are five different barriers, there are five different dimensions of light in the five "Partzufim"; for, the coarser the barrier, the greater the quality of light the barrier can draw or attract. If the barrier is at the lowest world "Assiah", it draws light from the highest of the Sephiroth: "Ketter" of "Atzilut"; and when the barrier is at the world "Yetzirah", it draws light from the Sephirah "Chochmoh" whereas, should the barrier be at "Briah”, it would then draw light from the Sephirah "Binah".


4) With regard to the great significance attributed to the final letters, the םןץףך "M.N.Z.P.CH.", we find in the Midrash of Rabbi E1iezer, the following:

There are five letters which are doubled. They all indicate redemption.

The double letter: כ "Chaph", ך "Chaph", which is mentioned twice in the verse, is indicative of the redemption of Abraham our Father from "OOR KASDIM".

Mention of the redemption of Abraham is portrayed in Genesis, thus: "… LECH LCHO MEIARTZCHO …" (12:1), "… GET THEE OUT OF THY COUNTRY …" It was then that Abraham abandoned "OOR of the CHALDEES". In the words "LECH, LCHO", the letter "Chaph" appears twice, כך.

The double letter: מ "Mem", ם "Mem" is mentioned at the redemption of our Father Isaac. This is shown in Genesis when Abimelech commanded Isaac to get out of their land.


By the double letter: נ "Noon", ן "Noon", Jacob our Father was redeemed from the hands of Esau. It is said in the Torah: "DELIVER ME, I PRAY THEE, FROM THE HAND OF MY BROTHER, FROM THE HAND OF ESAU …"

Through the double letter: פ "Peh", ף "Peh" Israel was redeemed from Egypt. The verse in Exodus refers to the double letter: פ "Peh" ף "Peh", in the words: "POKED POKADTEE …" (Exodus, 3:16); "I HAVE SURELY VISITED YOU …"

The double letter: צ "Zaddik", ץ "Zaddik" will redeem Israel from their last exile, at the advent of "MOSHIACHTSIDKEINOO", our righteous anointed "THE REDEEMER".

This is indicated in the double letter: "Zaddik", צ "Zaddik" ץ expressed in the verse "… BEHOLD THE MAN WHOSE NAME IS TZEMACH …" (Zechar., 6:12).

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