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Disclosure And Concealment

5) The great secrets of redemption attributed to the five double letters םןץףך "M.N.Z.P.CH." were disclosed to Abraham our Father who, in turn, disclosed these invaluable secrets to his son Isaac who gave them to his son Jacob. These heavenly mysteries were entrusted by Jacob to Joseph and his brothers.

Osher, the son of Jacob turned over the secret of the גאולה "G'OOLOH" (Redemption) to his daughter "SORACH". However, when Moses and Aaron arrived at the time of redemption, they were the very first to perform "signs" before all Israel, intimating that redemption was near.

It was then that "the Elders of Israel" went to disclose to SORACH that a certain person had arrived who, before their very eyes, performed certain "signs". To this, SORACH answered them that the "signs" they have witnessed are of no avail; whereupon it was brought to her attention by "the Elders" that they had heard Moses our Teacher say: "… POKED POKADTI ESCHEM …" "… I HAVE SURELY VISITED YOU …" (Exodus, 3:16). It is the verse wherein the double letter: פ "Pey", ף "Pey" is articulated.

SORACH then told them that he, Moses was indeed the one whom GOD chose to come and redeem Israel. She told them that she had heard this from her father OSHER, who had made known to her that the people will have faith in he who will come out with the words which have the double letter: פ "Pey", ף "Pey"; and that this will show that GOD is ready to redeem Israel from the exile of Egypt.

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