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1) The message promulgated within the confines of this volume has never, as yet, been explored by man. It is a unique work, the territory of which opens up new vistas of SPIRITUAL "SECRETS" hitherto concealed from the eyes of man and THE BOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE.

Upon perusal of this dissertation, the reader will forthwith gain an awareness of the vasthess of the scope of the subject matter yet to be explored. Therefore, one must not contemplate, even for a moment, that the substance of what is portrayed within the framework of this first edition has been fully exhausted.

2) At this point, it is in order to ask: Why is it that the Creator, before creation, saw fit to become engaged in a dispute or debate with The "Twenty-Two Letters" of the Hebrew alphabet and not with any of the large group of existing letters of the alphabets appertaining to the other nations of the world?

The second query that will present itself to the reader is: How did the Creator manage to create worlds by the agency of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet? In order to solve the enigma of "creation", first of all, an analogy must be drawn between the work of an architect here on earth, who takes it upon himself to build an edifice, and the work of GOD, who created and "built" the immense world in which we live, in its entirety. The architect must, at the outset, prepare a plan by mapping out a detailed architectural blueprint for the construction of the structure that his mind has conceived to erect; for, as is commonly known, it is in the latent compartments of the mind that the wisdom and ideas of the architect are first conceived which then results in the gradual process of systematic planning on paper, for which the architect hires a company of artisans and workers to assist him in bringing his plan to fruition.

The architect then looks into his blueprint; thereby becoming enabled to properly instruct his workers how to go about finishing the job of construction, which first of all, he had to visualize in the brain.

3) Our Holy Sages reveal that the Creator gazed into the TORAH, using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as the "Instrument" with which He created the world, even as the architect used "bricks" in the construction of his building. In other words, the TORAH was the blueprint, the plan that was used by GOD in the "creation" of the universe.

4) However, the analogy that has just been drawn is vastly dissimilar; for the reason that the architect, being human, cannot build his edifice by mere thought and written word which as put in his blueprint; for without enlisting outside help and securing the great abundance of material to be used, the architect is at a loss to finish his job of construction. Inasmuch as all this is required in order to enable him to see his plan materialized, the dissimilarity in this analogy is readily apparent; for, as we all know, GOD certainly does not have to resort to outside help, needing no men or material to bring his plans to fruition because by His "thought" and "word" alone, "All things came into being".

The book of Job dramatizes the power of a "word" thus:

"Thou shalt decree a word; and it shall be established unto thee ….”.

This is cited as testimony in our holy scriptures a number of times. "For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast". (Psalms, 39:9)

5) In Psalm 104:24, we are reminded that the Creator is the author of the colossal "works of creation", comprising the creation of all the worlds, "the spiritual" as well as "the corporeal".

The Creator used the light of the Sephirah "CHOCHMOH" (Wisdom) and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet for the "creation"; even as the builder uses his limited measure of wisdom as well as his word and actual bricks in the construction of his building.

This is what prompted King David to say:

"O Lord, how manifold are thy works, with Wisdom hast Thou made them all".

The verse reveals that the light of "CHOCHMOH" (Wisdom), that is, a "deed" or "action" on the part of GOD, which is dramatized by the word of GOD, must be interpreted to mean that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet constituted the actual tools, vessels and material used by the Creator in the manifestation of the entire “creation”.

6) The Hebrew alphabet, which also constitutes the tools for "the Hebrew language" stems from that spiritual source connoted "KODESH", meaning Holiness due to its having originated in the holy sanctuary of the Creator himself, that is, in the Sephiroth (plural of Sephirah) "CHOCHMOH", the light of Wisdom and "Binah", the light of intelligence, which houses the light of Wisdom. In other words, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet was designed by the hand of GOD. The work of GOD, as portrayed herein, is consonant with what is dramatized by King David, thus:

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,

the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained…" (8:3)

7) At this juncture, it might be well advised to mention that the Zohar reveals to us that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet had been contemplated upon by GOD for two thousand years before He created the world.

The "two thousand years" just mentioned are not to be deemed a stretch of time in the sense that "time" is recognized here on earth; for the reason that the spiritual realms are above time and space. Thus, the "two thousand years", in the spiritual sense, constitute "CHOCHMOH" and "Binah" of the head of the Sephiroth. They are the two Sephiroth whence the Hebrew alphabet originates.

The Hebrew word שנה "SHONOH" means year. However, "SHONOH" also signifies change or difference; so that "one thousand years", in the spiritual sense, alludes to a differentiation of "phases" of "a thousand manifold spiritual entities".

The usage of the word שנה "SHONOH" here on earth carries with it the signification "the four seasons" of the year, which are given to constant or frequent change.

תנועה (Motion) is non-existent among the spiritual "phases". However, when mention is made of motion in connection with the Sephiroth or a particular appearance or state in a recurring condition of changes in the spiritual realms; then, they are but additional newly revealed entities appearing in the spiritual realms, one garmenting the other.

The enfoldment of the Sephiroth can be attributed to them, as though they moved one on top of the other, comparable to the layers of an onion.

8) When the "letters" were still concealed from the eyes of "creation", GOD had toyed with them all this time, meaning the Sephiroth "CHOCHMOH" and "Binah". When GOD was about to make the world, all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet were still embryonic. When GOD came to create the world, all the letters presented themselves before Him in reversed order. This is given further treatment herein in the pages to follow: The foregoing accounts for the fact that the Hebrew language is known by the nomenclatureלשון קודש ("LASHON KODESH"), meaning the holy tongue, it being the only language that has its origin in the source of holiness, "Kedushah"; that is to say, the Hebrew language is a language invented and written by the hand of the Creator himself; and is used by him as well as by the souls of Israel, for, as revealed by our holy sages, a "Neshamah" (Soul) is a part of GOD; so it was that the "Whole", that is, the Creator, used the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in his work of the creation, thereby engraving this alphabet within the world and all that is therein; and thus was this alphabet engraved within every miniature world, which is to say, "the souls of Israel".

In "Shacharis", which is our morning prayer service, the following is said:



We also find words to the effect that "the heavens" are called "BOOK".

It is voiced by Isaiah the prophet that the heavens will be rolled up as a book, the author of which is the Creator himself, who created "heavenand earth".

The words of the prophet are:



9) It is now crystal clear why it is that the letters of the alphabets of the other nations could not approach the precincts of the Creator to offer their services to him in his work of creation. How could the letters of the alphabets of these nations appear before GOD for the purpose of beseeching him to use them in the "creation" of the world when they do not stem from the holy realms, the tabernacleof GOD, the "secular" having no affinity whatever with the "holy"? the alphabets of the other nations as well as their languages were determined through arbitration. They are simply man made and therefore not holy, having been produced by the decision and the consent of the people concerned therewith. Hence, the existence and the employment of the alphabets and the languages of the nations of the world are dependent upon the design and the consent of the people on earth only, their "alphabets" and "languages" having been fabricated by man at the beginning of time. Mankind, in order to function as an organized civilized community, had to resort to inventing "alphabets" and "languages", they being "a means of communication" between them.

Inasmuch as the alphabets and the languages just referred to are conceived INTRODUCTION by man on earth, the letters that make up their alphabets together with their languages therefore have no relation to the sacred source, "the Upper Sephiroth" whence the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet originate. They are the tools, the divine substance that was used by the Creator in "the creation of all the worlds and man".

10) As has now been made understandable, the Hebrew alphabet stems from the place of holiness. It is indicated by the Hebrew word קדושה, ("Kedushah"): "Holiness Itself".

We know that there are five places of exit whence the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet originate. They are as follows:

1. FROM THE LIPS come forth the letters ב "Beth", ו "Vav", מ "Mem" and פ "Pey". Thus, the letter ו "Vav" is one of the letters found in the Hebrew word קדושה "Kedushah".

2. The second place of issuance of the letters is the "PALATE". The letters that issue forth from the "PALATE" are א "Aleph",ח "Chess", ה "Hey", and ע "Ayin". The letter "Hey" of this emergence also appears in the word קדושה "Kedushah".

3. The third group of letters proceeds from the "THROAT". The letters articulated therefrom are ג "Gimel", י "Yood", כ "Chaph" and ק"Koof". In this group, we find a ק "Koof", which is also found in the word "Kedushah" קדושה.

4. The fourth place from which the letters issue forth is the "TONGUE". The letters that spring from here are ד "Daleth", ת "Tav",ל "Lamed", נ "Noon" and ט "Tess". Thus, the ד "Daleth" is found in the word קדושה "Kedushah".

5. The fifth and last place of issuance of the letters is the "TEETH". The letters that stem forth from there are ז "Zayin", ס "Samach",ש "Shin", ר "Reish" and צ "Zaddik". The ש "Shin" of this last group of letters is likewise found in the word קדושה "Kedushah".

Thus, we have depicted the five places of the mouth whence the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet became manifest. In each "place of issuance" is found a letter that also appears in the word קדושה "Kedushah", Holiness. This is still further indication of the fact that the Hebrew alphabet stems from קדושה "Kedushah", Holiness of GOD himself.

11) The reduced numerical value of the word "Kedushah" is nineteen. It is equivalent to that of the fulfillment of the four lettered Holy Name "HAVAYAH" spelled out with יוד הא ואו הא "Alephs". This is another indication that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet stem from the four lettered Holy Name "HAVAYAH".

12) The study of this work revolves upon the knowledge of "macrocosm" - "the universe", contrasted with "microcosm" - "man in his miniature form", who is but a replica, a copy, of the universe.

Encased herein is a reservoir of spiritual resources. It is the knowledge of GOD that will teach man how to follow the pattern of "macrocosm", which was molded, shaped and perfected by the Creator. The avid reader will be thereby helped to ascertain how to perfect himself.

By virtue of reclaiming and then redeeming his complete soul from the clutches of "the material", man will unfold within himself a power of predominance over all creation. By his triumph over "evil", man, by remote control, will be able to bring down to earth the "light" of the Creator.

Equipped with spiritual might, man can shake civilization from its very foundations, thereby awakening mankind from the apathy to search for the "spiritual", the knowledge of GOD. Man, united with the "spiritual light", will finally be given from above the power to dispel the darkness brought upon the world by the "alien powers". This will, in turn, usher into our stricken world "a new light" that will engender "freedom from want" and "freedom from fear". It is a "light" that will spell "perfect peace" for mankind for all eternity.

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