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Supernal Wisdom

40. Rabbi Yudai asked, “What does the word BERESHEET mean?” It is the wisdom, upon which the world, ZA, is established to enter the concealed supernal secrets, namely the Light of Bina. Here are the six Supernal and great properties, VAK de Bina, from which everything emerges. The six river mouths, VAK de ZA, that flow into the Great Sea (Malchut) were formed from them. The word BERESHEET consists of the words BARAH (created) and SHEET (Aramaic: six), meaning that six properties were created. Who created them? He who is unmentioned, concealed, and unknown: Arich Anpin.

There are two types of Ohr Hochma (Light of Wisdom) in the world of Atzilut:

1. The original Light, Ohr Hochma of AA, called “the concealed Ohr Hochma.” This Light of Hochma is present only in Partzuf AA and does not spread to the lower Partzufim.

2. Ohr Hochma that descends via thirty-two paths from Bina, who ascended to Rosh de AA to receive Ohr Hochma and pass it to ZA. Hence, the word Beresheet means Be-Resheet, with- Hochma. However, this is not the true Ohr Hochma thatis concealed in AA, but rather the Light that descends via thirty-two paths from Bina to ZA and sustains ZON.

It is written that the world is established on the “concealed supernal secrets,” for when ZON (called “world”) receive the Light of Hochma of thirty-two paths, they ascend to AVI, the concealed supernal secrets. Hence, it is said that ZON enter the concealed supernal secrets and attain the degree of AVI, as the lower one that ascends to the Upper One becomes equal to it in its properties.

The word BERESHEET, besides being divided into BE-RESHEET, is also divided into BARAH-SHEET (in Hebrew, both words are spelled the same), which translates as CREATED SIX – created six Sefirot (properties), called VAK (abbreviation of the words Vav Ketzavot, six extremities/properties of ZA, from which all creatures emerge).

The Sefira Bina fulfills the function of the Sefira Hochma, the source of Ohr Hochma for ZA. Because Malchut ascended to Bina, and Bina departed from Rosh de AA and became like its Guf (body), she cannot receive the Ohr Hochma of AA.

But then, thanks to the MAN raised by the lower ones, human beings who are spiritually present in the worlds of BYA, Bina returns to Rosh de AA, receives Ohr Hochma from AA, passes it to ZON, and ZON pass it to all the worlds. It follows that all the worlds emerged from these six properties (extremities), into which Bina was divided.

It is therefore written that all six riverheads originate from Bina, and descend into the GreatSea. Bina’s division into six properties, VAK, when she exits Rosh de AA, is called “six sources,” for this is only a source of Light for ZA. But then, when Bina returns to Rosh de AA, they become Ohr Hochma, called the rivers that descend to Partzuf ZA.

And they are called “six rivers,” as it is written: “He will drink off the brook in the way; therefore, will he lift up the head” (Tehilim, 110:7). Afterwards, ZA passes this Light into the Great Sea, to his Nukva. The rivers and brooks signify the Light of ZA. VAK de Bina is considered the sources of the Light of wisdom, Hochma, for it emerged from Bina in the form of VAK with the sole purpose of creating a source of Light for ZON. And had Bina not emerged, ZON would have had no chance of receiving the Light.

The word Beresheet has several meanings: Bere = Barah – created six properties without Ohr Hochma, as the word Barah signifies concealment. Hence, the word Beresheet has two meanings:

1. Hochma, as the word Resheet means Hochma.

2. Barah Sheet, which shows how the Sefira Hochma was divided into six parts without a Rosh, without Ohr Hochma. These six parts are the source of Light for ZON (called the “world”), and these six parts of ZA together with Malchut are called the “seven days of creation.”

However, since the word Barah is inside the word Beresheet, this means that it was created by “Him who is concealed and unknown,” i.e., the concealed Hochma of Arich Anpin, for it expelled Bina from its Rosh and turned her into VAK. In other words, it created the six parts described in Beresheet.

Beresheet designates Hochma. The Light cannot descend to ZA until Ima- Bina comes outside, for because of Tzimtzum Bet, ZAT de Bina fell to ZON. Hence, when Bina is in Gadlut, ZA receives Ohr Hochma in his Kelim, the desires of Bina. The word Barah in Beresheet = Barah Sheet also means Bar (Hebrew, to exit, to transcend).

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