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The Twelfth Commandment

245. The twelfth Mitzva is to bring the first fruits of the trees as an offering, as it is written, “And every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed" (Beresheet, 1:29). All that is worthy of Me shall not be eaten by you. I have given you My permission and I have given you all the tithe and offerings of the trees. “To you,” and not to the subsequent generations.

From the aforesaid, it becomes clear that we, the subsequent generations, are forbidden to feed on tithe and offerings. The Light called “tithe” and “offerings” is so great that until all the Kelim (desires) of Adam’s soul have been corrected, it is impossible to receive it for the Creator’s sake.

Hence, it is forbidden to even try, lest we sin, as it happened to Adam. There is a Mitzva to not receive this Light, which refers to Malchut de Malchut. Every time the sparks are revealed, it is sufficient to let this Light be, to refrain from receiving it during the 6,000 years. Herein lies its actual correction until, at the end of correction, the Creator’s great Light, called Mashiach (Messiah), manifests and gives us the strength to receive tithe and offerings for the Creator’s sake.

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