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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

Letter No. 15

1925, Warsaw

Shevat 18, TARPA

To my friend ... may his candle burn forever.

In reply to your letter from the sixth day of [the portion] Bo [come], which I received along with your letter from the fourth day of [the portion] BeShalach [When Pharaoh Sent].

Concerning the argument, your last interpretation seems the most proper. But let me fill up your words a little: “I shall open the doors of my heart to a high guest,” such as the promise to raise himself to the high path, devoid of any attainments of the lower ones.

“The hooks of the pillars of glory shall pronounce,” for in this manner of ascent, the pillars of the heart connect in certain ties called “hooks,” (as in “You will connect in hooks”) into a real Dvekut [adhesion], and then the upper light pours on him.

“I shall send free all my permitted ones,” as though abandoning his entire fortune, meaning all that he has attained, since the permissions of the heart are the attainments of the body.

But he is not interested in sending them out free, so they will have the strength to cling to him in arguments. Rather, he will surely drive you out from his home, so they will have no contact and connection with him whatsoever.

To fully execute it comes the closing saying and says, “Let them announce on what were her foundations established.” It is like a question that he asks the permitted ones. He argues and says, “Perhaps you have small or great foundations in the earth, or some pillars, foundations upon which some intellectual construction is supported?” By that, he is telling them to let them know it if they know how to reply to him regarding the rhymes that extend onward, on which there is no human answer. By that he expels them, to announce that the earth hangs on nothing.

And regarding your letter from the fourth day of BeShalach, and what you wrote, that you do not understand my words, I am surprised. It must be that it is only due to idleness in the work, and what can I do? Especially now, receive this thing nevertheless, to have between you a steadfast bond in love, as I have cautioned you prior to my departure from you.

I have already written several letters about it, and my heart tells me that you will be slacking in this, for I sense negligence among you in general.

May the Lord have mercy on us and we will be rewarded with salvation soon...

Yehuda Leib

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