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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

Letter No. 36

1927, London

To my soul mate ... may his candle burn:

...What you wrote about the cleanness of the clothes, I agree with you. And what is written, “Ten Sefirot of Ohr Yashar [Direct Light],” with what is the light attained, and what is the concept of the Kli [vessel]? This is explained in the rest of the book for anyone who seeks— BehinaDalet, which is the one with the Masach, is the Kli, but she is not a vessel of reception, but a vessel of bestowal. By that she returns to being Keter.

The concept of the light is all this wisdom, for all that the wisdom discusses is only measures of Ohr Hozer [Reflected Light], while in the Ohr Yashar they are all equal, according to the abovementioned four Behinot, as is explained there. And the division of the nine bottom Sefirot of Ohr Hozer is already written there—that they connect in the Kelim of Ohr Yashar.

In the fourth pamphlet that I’ll send this week you will see in the introduction of the AHP in Panim Masbirot, item 11, the longitude, attributed to the Ohr Yashar, and the latitude, to the Ohr Hozer. By that you will observe that the Ohr Hozer is discerned primarily by the amount of extensions of light of Atzmut [essence] in the Partzuf, which is not extended to the emanated without the Ohr Hozer. This is why it is called “illumination of the line,” “thin line,” and examine there carefully.

Yehuda Leib

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