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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

Letter No. 41

1927, London

To the honorable students, may the Lord be upon them:

I received your letter, and I am now sending the introduction. Although I haven’t proofread it, not even in writing, I trust you to understand how to proofread it perfectly. I cannot send you paper from here, simply for lack of funds.

The introduction will probably consume a printer-sheet and a half, six pages, and with the index and references, it will be two complete pamphlets, eight pages.

But the introduction is one complete thing, and there is no division in it whatsoever, for they are matters of the highest importance, as you will see once you understand. You should hurry with it as much as possible so that I can be during the festival.

...and we hope that everything will be for the sake of the Creator and for our sake. We need only exert in His law and in His work, to fill the lack and to correct what is broken...

I don’t understand your lack of longing for my replies. As for me, I find myself truly near you, not in any way less than when I was with you. I share your sorrows and your joys, just as though I were with you in the same house and we were speaking to each other. But you know two, and I know one, hence my words are few.

Please follow everything I wrote above concerning the wholeness of the introduction.


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