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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

Letter No. 48

1927, London

To the students, may the Lord be upon you:

I received all your letters, and what ... wrote me about the humiliations and the papers about him, he should believe me that I share and fully sympathize with his pain and misery. He should know that I feel his pain more than he himself.

But the Creator will grant him doubly, and if he could brace himself and act the conduct of a servant of the Creator to say with honesty, “The Creator permitted all who afflict me,” I would advise him to greatly strengthen himself in that, and it will help him in all his ways.

Concerning his questions whether he can show the letter and the words of Torah of the sage’s fruit, “And you will be only joyful,” he can certainly show it to all the friends.

In the letter of ... may his candle burn, I am glad to see that he has already began to do what I want him to in this matter.

And what ... wrote, that he sees no other way but come to my house himself, I agree with him on that, and my thoughts are already occupied with preparing supplies for the way and to rush my arrival at my home as much as possible. I have much work to do regarding that, to stand up to all the preventions that rise against me to detain me here for longer.

He should ask my son ... why he has not informed me of the complete reconciliation that I learned about.

And thank ... for the information concerning the friends’ party on the fifth of Sukkot, and concerning the whole issue between the friends, I have already written that we need not do much about it because with the Creator’s help, He will finish for us, who have already began for the glory of His name.

Yehuda Leib

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