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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

11. Joy with a Quiver

I heard in 1948

Joy is considered love, which is existence. This is similar to one who builds a house for oneself without making any holes in the walls. You find that he cannot enter the house, as there is no hollow place in the walls of the house by which to enter the house. Therefore, a hollow space must be made through which one will enter the house.

Hence, where there is love, there should be fear as well, as fear is the hollow. In other words, one must awaken the fear that one will not be able to aim to bestow.

It follows that when there are both, there is wholeness. Otherwise, each wants to revoke the other, and for this reason one must try to have both of them in the same place.

This is the meaning of the need for love and fear. Love is called existence, whereas fear is called dearth and hollow. Only with the two of them together is there wholeness. And this is called “two legs,” and precisely when one has two legs can one walk.

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