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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

63. I Was Borrowed on, and I Repay

I heard on the eve after Shabbat, 1938

Understand what our sages said, “I was borrowed on, and I repay.” It means that the purpose of making the heaven and earth is the Light of the Shabbat. This Light should come to disclosure to the lower ones, and this purpose appears through Torah and Mitzvot and good deeds.

Gmar Tikun (end of correction) means when this Light appears in its completeness through an awakening from below, meaning preceded by Torah and Mitzvot. Yet, before Gmar Tikun there is also a discernment of Shabbat, called “A likeness of the next world,” when the Light of Shabbat shines in both the individual and the public as a whole.

This Light of Shabbat Comes by credit, meaning without preceding exertion, though afterwards one will pay off for all the credit. In other words, afterwards one will give all the exertion that one had to give before one was imparted the Light, he will pay afterwards.

This is the meaning of “I was borrowed on,” meaning draw the Light of Shabbat by credit, and I will pay, from the verse, “and let the hair of the woman’s head go loose.” [1] It means that the Creator will reveal this Light only if Israel will borrow, meaning extend. Although they are still not worthy, by credit, one can still draw.

[1] In Hebrew, the same word is used for letting loose and for paying off.

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