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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

71. My Soul shall Weep in Secret

I heard on Sivan 25, June 28, 1943

“My soul shall weep in secret for your pride,” for the pride of Israel. He asks, “Is there crying before the Creator, because ‘strength and gladness are in His place’”? We must understand the matter of weeping Above. Weeping is in a place where one cannot help oneself. Then one weeps that the other will help him. The meaning of “in secret” is concealments and the contradictions that appear in the world.

And this is the meaning of “my soul shall weep in secret,” since “all is in the hands of God, but for the fear of God.”

Our sages said about that, that there is weeping in the inner homes. This means that when the Light shines only in the interior and there is no disclosure of Light outwardly, for lack of Kelim in the lower ones so they can receive, then there is weeping. However, in the outer homes, when the Light can be revealed outwardly, when the abundance becomes revealed below, to the lower ones, then “strength and gladness are in His place,” and everything is seen. Yet, when He cannot bestow upon the lower ones it is called “weeping,” since He needs the Kelim of the lower ones.

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