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Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (The RABASH)

79. Atzilut and Bya

I heard on Tamuz 15, Pinechas 1, July 18, 1943

Atzilut is considered from the Chazeh up, which is only vessels of bestowal. BYA means reception in order to bestow, the ascent of the lower Hey to the place of Bina.

Because man is immersed in the will to receive in order to receive, one cannot do a thing without having reception for oneself in there. For this reason our sages said, “from Lo Lishma one comes to Lishma.” This means that we begin the engagement in Torah and Mitzvot in order to “give us the wealth of this world,” and afterwards, “give us the wealth of the next world.”

And when studying this way, one should achieve studying Lishma, for the Torah. This means that the Torah will teach him the ways of the Creator. And he should first make the sweetening of Malchut in Bina, which means that he elevates Malchut, called “will to receive,” to Bina, which is considered bestowal. That is, that all of one’s work will be only in order to bestow.

And then it becomes dark for him. He senses that the world has grown dark on him, since the body gives strength to work only in the form of reception, and not in the form of bestowal. In that state, one has but one counsel: to pray to the Creator to open his eyes so he can work in the form of bestowal.

And this is the meaning of “who stands for the question?” It refers to Bina, called Mi (water) and the question comes from the verse, “asking about the rains,” meaning prayer. Since they arrive at the state of “water of Bina,” there is room to pray for it.

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