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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

143. Only Good to Israel

I heard from my Father, Master and Teacher.

“Only good to Israel, God is to the pure in heart.” It is known that “only” and “just” are diminutives. This means that in every place the Torah writes “only” and “just,” it comes to diminish.

Therefore, in work matters we should interpret it as when one diminishes oneself and lowers himself. Lowness applies when one wants to be proud, meaning wants to be in Gadlut (greatness). This means that one wants to understand every single thing, that his soul craves seeing and hearing in everything, but he still lowers himself and agrees to go with his eyes shut and keep Torah and Mitzvot in utter simplicity. This is “good to Israel.” The word YsarmEl (Israel) is the letters of Li Rosh (the head (mind) is mine).

This means that he believes he has a mind of Kedusha (Sanctity) although he is only discerned as “just,” meaning that he is in a state of diminution and lowness. And he says about this “just” that it is absolute good. Then the verse, “God is to the pure in heart,” exists in him, meaning that he is awarded a pure heart. And this is the meaning of “and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.” The heart of flesh is Mochin de Vak, called Mochin of clothing, which comes from the Upper One. Mochin de Gar, however, should come from the lower one, through the scrutinies of the lower one.

The issue of Vak de Mochin and Gar de Mochin requires explanation: there are many discernments of Vak and Gar in each degree. And perhaps he is referring to what he wrote in several places, that the Katnut, called “GE of the lower one,” rise to MAN through the Kli that raises MAN, called “AHP of the Upper One.” It therefore follows that the Upper One elevates the lower one. And then, to receive the Gar of the Lights and the AHP of the Kelim, the lower one should rise by itself.

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