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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

180. In the Zohar, Amor

I heard on Passover Inter 2, April 23, 1951, Tel-Aviv

In The Zohar (Amor, 43 ): “Rabbi Hiyah opened, ‘I sleep, but my heart waketh,’ etc.. The assembly of Israel said: ‘I sleep in the exile in Egypt, where my children were in harsh enslavement, and my heart is awake to guard them from perishing in the exile. Hark! my beloved knocketh,’ this is the Creator, who said, ‘and I shall remember my covenant.’”

We must understand the issue of sleep. When Israel were in Egypt, they were under their dominion, and they, too, extended Gar de Hochma. And since Hochma does not shine without Hassadim, it is called “sleep.” And this is called “the harsh enslavement in Egypt,” meaning hard work, called Dinim de Dechura.

“And in all manner of service in the field,” which is considered Dinim de Nukva.

“But my heart waketh” means that even though she is asleep from the perspective of the left line, at which time Malchut is considered “the two great Lights,” at that time Malchut is called “the fourth leg.” She is regarded as Tifferet, above the Chazeh. “But my heart waketh” means that the lock-point is already there, which causes the determining of the middle line, the return to the point that is considered Panim, by which they will not perish in exile.

This is the meaning of “Open for Me an opening like the point of a needle.” This means that ZA tells Malchut to draw Hochma. And even though Hochma cannot shine without Hassadim, for which it is only called “like the point of a needle,” “and I will open for you the Higher Gates.” That is, afterwards he will give her the Hassadim, and thus she will be given abundance. However, if she does not draw Hochma, meaning there will be no drawing of Hochma but of Hesed, this is called “Open to me, my sister.” Thus, from the perspective of Hochma, Malchut is called “sister.”

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