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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

191. The Time of Descent

I heard on Sivan 14, June, 1938

It is hard to depict the time of descent, when all the works and the efforts made from the beginning of the work until the time of descent are lost. To one who has never tasted the taste of servitude to God, it seems as though this is outside of him, meaning that this happens to those of high degrees. But ordinary people have no connection to serving God, only to crave the corporeal will to receive, present in the flow of the world, washing the whole world with this desire.

However, we must understand why they have come to such a state. After all, with or without one’s consent, there is no change in the Creator of heaven and earth; He behaves in the form of the Good who does good. Thus, what is the outcome of this state?

We should say that it comes to announce His greatness. One does not need to act as though one does not want Her. Rather, one should behave in the form of fearing the majesty, to know the merit and the distance between himself and the Creator. It is difficult to understand it with a superficial mind, or have any possibility of connection between Creator and creation.

And at the time of descent he feels that it is impossible that he will have connection or belonging to the Creator by way of Dvekut (adhesion). This is so because he feels that servitude is a foreign thing to the whole world.

In truth, this is actually so, but “In the place where you find His greatness, there you find His humbleness.” This means that it is a matter that is above nature, that the Creator gave this gift to creation, to allow them to be connected and adhered to Him.

Hence, when one becomes reconnected, he should always remember his time of descent so as to know and appreciate and value the time of Dvekut. So he will know that now he has salvation above the natural way.

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