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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

195. Rewarded—I Will Hasten It

I heard in the year 1938

“Rewarded—I will hasten it,” meaning the path of Torah; “not rewarded—through suffering,” an evolutionary path that will finally lead everything to utter perfection. And concerning the path of Torah, that an ordinary person is given virtues by which he can make for himself vessels that are ready for it. And the vessels are made through the expansion of the Light and its departure.

A Kli (vessel) is specifically called “the will to receive.” This means that he is deficient of some thing. And “there is no Light without a Kli”; the Light must be caught in some Kli, so it would have a hold.

But an ordinary person cannot have desires for sublime things, since it is impossible to have a need before there is fulfillment, as it is written, “the expansion of the Light, etc..” For example, when a person has a thousand pounds, he is rich and content. However, if he subsequently earns more, up to five thousand pounds, and then loses until he is left with two thousand, he is then deficient. Now he has Kelim (vessels) for three thousand pounds, since he had already had it. Thus, he has actually been cancelled.

And there is a path of Torah for it. When one is accustomed to the path of Torah, to regret the scantiness of attainment, and every time he has some illuminations, and they are divided, they cause him to have more sorrow and more Kelim.

This is the meaning of every Kli needing Light, that it is not filled, that its Light is missing. Thus, every deficient place becomes a place for faith. Yet, were it filled, there would be no existence of a Kli, existence of a place for faith.

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