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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

198. Freedom

I heard in the year 1938

Harut (engraved), do not pronounce it Harut but Herut (freedom). This means that it is written, “write them upon the table of thy heart.” Writing is with ink, which is considered darkness. And each time a person writes, it means that one makes decisions about how to behave, and then reverts to his evil ways, since the writing has been erased. Thus, one should constantly write, but it must be in the form of Harut, so it will be Harut in his heart so he cannot erase.

And then he is immediately awarded Herut. Thus, the Kli for Herut is the extent to which it is written in his heart. To the extent of the engraving, so is the salvation. This is because the essence of the Kli is the hollow, as it is written, “my heart is slain [1]within me.” And then he is awarded freedom from the angel of death, since the lowliness is the SAM itself, and he must know it to the fullest, and overcome it until the Creator helps him.

[1] In Hebrew, the word Halal means both slain and hollow.

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