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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

205. Wisdom Crieth Aloud in the Streets

I heard in the year 1938

“Wisdom crieth aloud in the streets, she uttereth her voice in the broad places. Whoso is thoughtless, let him turn in hither; as for him that lacketh understanding, she saith to him.” This means that when one is awarded adhesion with the Creator, the Holy Shechina (Divinity) tells him that the fact that he first had to be a fool was not because he really is so. The reason was that he was heartless. This is why we say, “And all believe that He is a God of faith.”

This means that later, when we are rewarded with true Dvekut (adhesion), it is not considered being a fool, that I should say that it is above reason. Moreover, one must work and believe that one’s work is above reason even though one’s senses tell him that his work is within reason. It is to the contrary: he previously saw that the reason did not obligate the servitude, and then he had to work above reason and say that there is real reason in it. This means that he believes that the servitude is the actual reality.

And afterwards it is the opposite: his whole work compels him, his reason. In other words, the Dvekut impels him to work. However, he believes that everything he sees within reason is all above reason. And this was not so before, when everything that is in the form of above reason is within reason.

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