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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

211. As though Standing before a King

I heard on Elul 1, August 28, 1938

One who is sitting at one’s home is not like one who is standing before a King. This means that faith should be that he will feel as though he is standing before the King all day long. Then his love and fear will certainly be complete. And as long as he has not achieved this kind of faith, he should not rest, “for that is our lives, and the length of our days,” and we will accept no recompense.

And the lack of faith should be woven in his limbs until the habit becomes a second nature, to the extent that “when I remember Him, He does not let me sleep.” But all the corporeal matters quench this desire, since he sees that anything that gives him pleasure, the pleasure cancels the deficiency and the pain.

However, one must want no consolation, and should be careful with any corporeal thing that one receives, so it will not quench his desire. This is done by regretting that by this pleasure, the sparks and powers of the vessels of Kedusha (Sanctity) are missing in him, meaning desires for Kedusha. And through the sorrow, he can keep from losing the vessels of Kedusha.

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