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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

213. Acknowledging the Desire

I heard

The basic, primary principle is to increase the need, for that is the basis upon which the whole structure is built. And the strength of the building is measured by the strength of its foundation.

Many things compel one to labor, but they do not aim at the cause. Therefore the foundation impairs the whole of the building. Although from not for His Name one comes to for His Name, it still lengthens the time before one returns to the goal.

Therefore, one must see that the goal is always before one’s eyes, as it is written in Shulchan Aruch (Set Table): “I see the Lord before me always.” And one who stays home is not like the one who stands before the king. He who believes in the reality of the Creator, that the whole earth is full of His glory, he is filled with fear and love, and needs no preparations or observation, only to nullify oneself before the king from his actual nature.

Just as we see in corporeality, that he who truly loves his friend, thinks only of the best of his friend, and avoids anything that isn’t beneficial to his friend. All that is done without any calculation, and it does not require a great mind, since it is as natural as a mother’s love for her child, who only wants to benefit her child. She needs no prior preparations and thought to love her son, since a natural thing does not require an intellect that will necessitate it, but it is done by the senses themselves. The senses themselves are devoted, since this is how it is in nature, as due to the love for some thing, they give their heart and soul, until they achieve the goal. And as long as they do not obtain, their life is not a life.

Thus whoever feels, as it is written in Shulchan Aruch, that for him it is similar, etc., he is certainly in completeness, meaning that he has faith. And as long as one does not feel one stands before the king, then one is the opposite.

Hence, one should first and foremost regard slavery, and one must regret not having sufficient faith, as the lack of faith is one’s foundation, and one should pray for labor and desire to feel that want, for if one hasn’t this desire, one hasn’t the vessel to receive the filling. One must believe that the Creator hears our every prayer and that one, too, will be salvaged in complete faith.

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