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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

216. Right and Left

I heard on Tevet 6

There is the discernment of “right” and there is “left.” On the “right” there are Hochma, Hesed, Netzah, and on the “left” there are Bina, Gevura, and Hod. Right is considered “Private Providence,” and left is considered “reward and punishment.”

When engaging in the right, we should say that all is in Private Providence, and then one naturally does nothing. Thus, one has no sins. However, the Mitzvot that one performs are also not one’s own, but are a gift from Above, so one should be thankful for them, as well as for the corporeal benefits that He has done to him.

And this is called Netzah, when one Nitzah (defeated) the Sitra Achra. And from this extends Hesed (mercy), which is love, and thus he comes to Hochma, called Risha de Lo Etyada (The Unknown Head). Afterwards, one should go to the left line, considered Hod.

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