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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

218. The Torah and the Creator Are One

I heard

“The Torah and the Creator are one.” Certainly, during the work they are two things. And moreover, they contradict one another. This is because the discernment of the Creator is Dvekut (adhesion), and Dvekut means equivalence, being cancelled from reality. (And one should always picture how there was a time when one had little Dvekut, how he was filled with liveliness and pleasure. Always crave to be in Dvekut, since a spiritual matter is not divided in half. Moreover, if this is a fulfilling matter, he should always have the good thing. And one should picture the time that he had, since the body does not feel the negative, but the existing, that is, states he had already had. And the body can take these states as examples.)

And the Torah is called “the Light” in it. This means that during the study, when you feel the Light, and want to give to the Creator with this Light, as it is written, “One who knows the Master’s commandment will serve Him.” Hence, he feels that he exists, that he wants to bestow upon the Creator, and this is the sensation of one’s self.

However, when one is awarded the discernment of “the Torah and the Creator are one,” one finds that all is one. At that time one feels the Creator in the Torah. One should always crave the Light in it; and we can the Light with what is learned, although it is easier to find the Light in matters of reception.

And during the work, they are two ends. One is drawn to the discernment of the Creator, at which time he cannot study the Torah, and he yearns after the books of Hassidim. And there is one who craves the Torah, to know the ways of God, the worlds, their processes, and matters of Guidance. These are the two ends. But in the future, “and shall smite through the corners of Moab,” that is, they are both included in the tree.

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