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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

222. The Part Given to the Sitra Achra to Separate It from the Kedusha

I heard

“In the beginning, He created the world with the quality of Din (judgment). Saw that the world did not persist.” Interpretation: the quality of Din is Malchut, the place of the Tzimtzum (restriction). From there down is the place where the external ones stand.

However, in the Upper Nine, there can be reception of the abundance without any fear, but the world did not persist, meaning Behina Dalet. The world cannot be corrected because this is her place, and it is impossible to change, meaning revoke the vessels of reception, since this is nature, and cannot be changed. Nature means Upper Force, that this was His will, that the will to receive would be in completeness, and impossible to cancel.

Also, in man below, it is impossible to change nature. And the advice for that was to associate it with the quality of mercy, meaning to make the boundary that exists in Malchut in the place of Bina. This means that He made it as though there is a prohibition on reception, and then it is possible to work there, that is, to receive in order to bestow. This is because this is not the place of Behina Dalet, and it can therefore be revoked.

It follows that Behina Dalet is actually corrected, that is, by lowering the Behina Dalet. This means that she discovers that this is not her place. And this is done through Mitzvot and good deeds. When he discovers, he scrutinizes Behina Dalet in Behina Bet, which shows that her place is below.

And then the Zivug (coupling) rises and the Mochin (Light) extends below. At that time the lower Hey rises to the Eynaim (eyes) and the work on turning the vessels of reception begins anew.

And the essence of the correction is because it gives a portion to the Sitra Achra. That is, previously there was room for her suction only from Behina Dalet, as only there is the quality of Din, which is not so in Bina. Now, however, Bina, too, takes the discernment of diminution, since the quality of Din has been mingled with her, too. It follows that the place of the quality of Din has grown. Yet, it is through this part that there is room for work, the ability to reject, since this is not her real place. And then, after being accustomed to rejecting it from where it is possible, it results in the ability to reject her from where it was previously impossible.

And this is “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again.” Thus, by stretching her boundary, she swallows up great riches, and thus she herself is made completely corrected. And this is the meaning of “a goat for Azazel”: she is given a part, by which she is subsequently separated from Kedusha (Sanctity), when she is corrected in the place He gives her, which is not her place.

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