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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

231. The Purity of the Vessels of Reception

I heard on Tevet, January 1928, Givat Shaul (Jerusalem)

We should be cautious with anything the body enjoys. One should regret this, since through reception, one becomes removed from the Creator. This is because the Creator is the Giver, and if he will now be a receiver, he thus comes into oppositeness of form. In spirituality, disparity of form is remoteness, and then he does not have adhesion with the Creator.

This is the meaning of "and to cleave onto Him." Through the sorrow that one feels upon reception of pleasure, the sorrow revokes the pleasure. It is like a person who suffers form scabbiness in his head. He must scratch his head and it gives him pleasure. However, at the same time he knows that this will only worsen his scabbiness, and his plight will spread and he will not be able to heal. Thus, during the pleasure he has no real delight, even though he cannot stop receiving the pleasure of scratching.

He should also see that when he feels pleasure from some thing, he should extend sorrow over the pleasure, since thus he becomes remote from the Creator to such an extent as to feel that the pleasure is not worthwhile compared to the loss that this pleasure will subsequently bring him. And this is the work in the heart.

Kedusha (Sanctity): that which brings one closer to the work of God is called Kedusha.

Tuma’a (impurity): that which removes one from the work of God is called Tuma’a.

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