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Article "Peace in the World" – Selected Lessons

Article "Peace in the World" - Talk 3

In order reach our purpose that we are obliged to reach, pleasantly or unpleasantly, there are two ways: either in due time or by accelerating it. That is, either we go by the path of pain or by the path of correction to which weget ourselves, and then we also feel the phases of the evolvement. Certainly as we reach the purpose, we feel good and comfortable...

Peace in the World, Talk No. 6

We are continuing to study the article of Baal HaSulam, Peace in the World from the book Pri Hacham, Articles, page 73, paragraph beginning from the words, “It turns out…”

Article "Peace in the World" - Talk 7

We have already discussed that we have the attribute of truth which is the real attribute that controls the entire reality. It is the attribute of the Creator, the Upper Force, total bestowal, and within that a total understanding of everything that there is in Creation...

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