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Peace in the World, Talk No. 6

December 22, 2005
Lecturer: Michael Laitman, PhD

We are continuing to study the article of Baal HaSulam, Peace in the World from the book Pri Hacham, Articles, page 73, paragraph beginning from the words, “It turns out…”

We talked about the attribute of truth, how sublime it is, how virtuous and how it is even so hidden from us because it’s the original nature of the soul, and we don’t understand and don’t know it. We cannot therefore measure people according to their attributes, to the intensity of the desire in them, to the extent that each of them finds it difficult to overcome, and make a physical, emotional or mental effort. We cannot relate to each and everyone and measure how quick they are, how lazy, how much they have to succeed according to standard examples of ours, or not. That is why we cannot work with the attribute of truth in our world, and that is why we don’t see anyone in his or her true form.

Hence, instead of the attribute of truth, Baal HaSulam explains, came other attributes. Of course, everything is lame, because we don’t know the real essence of creation, of man, or all the rules in definite form called “truth.” However, at the very least, in order not to completely ruin human society, and somehow exist, be in touch with and be able to evolve, for that, humanity adopted a few other attributes. These are the measurements of giving and mercy, which are like a cover up for the lack of understanding of the attribute of truth.

And so from here we have a problem, because there are those who interpret these attributes according to their own benefit. Baal HaSulam says that there are constructors and there are destructors, those who ruin, who break, and it is not necessary that we be either for or against those. We have to see these parts in human society, and how through them society progresses.

We are in a section of the article, Peace in the World. How can there be peace in the world, which is the entire theme of the article. Can there ever be peace without knowing the attribute of truth, or about all of Nature that surrounds us? Or are we only hoping for peace, and for the time being, we see that man alone as well as man with his society is hoping for peace?

It turns out that seeking truth and the destruction of the world are one and the same, and the desire for mercy and the construction of the world are one and the same too. Therefore, we should not hope from the destructors to establish the peace in the world.

And it is hopeless to hope for peace from the predicate, meaning by the conditions of peace itself. That is because the right conditions for the well-being of the individual and the collective, according to the criterion of truth that the peacemakers so desire, have not yet been established. And it is a must that there will always be a large unsatisfied minority in society, as we have shown the weakness of the truth above. This minority will therefore always remain a ready and willing fuel for the new quarrelsome people, and the new peacemakers that will always follow.

We don’t have a choice; rather, we have to absolutely yearn for the attribute of truth. When we come to it, only then do we come to peace.

The Well-being of a Certain Collective and the Well-being of the Whole World.

Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world, because indeed we have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society. Meaning, because each person in the world sucks his life’s marrow and his livelihood from all the people in the world, he is coerced to serve and care for the well-being of the whole world.

That was written seventy years ago. You understand what this person felt back then, about the world he was living in? We didn’t have communication, the Internet, media, or transportation; who knew about all of that?

Only the post office was used, there were few telephones and they were only in the big offices of the world. There was hardly any radio, no television, nothing at all. In those days he’s written that we can already see that the whole world is one small village, with globalization and everything. No one dreamt about it. We don’t have a single book from that time that speaks in those terms. But he felt it all those years ago, for him it was a fact. Not something that was yet to come but definitely had come. All the Kabbalists earlier knew it had to come, but for him it was being realized. Because of that, he becomes coerced to care for the whole world because the whole world appears to us as one system. Even today some people don’t feel it yet despite the fact that they’re in it.

We don’t understand what happened within this one generation that didn’t have these media communications that we have acquired in the last fifty to seventy years. It has totally changed our whole attitude to everyone, to the common market, the World Bank and all kinds of common systems. Now there’s nothing in the world that doesn’t affect the whole world.

Try today to destroy an oil well in Saudi Arabia or somewhere else. The whole world will suffer. You can’t fight one person today, or do business with one person; it’s impossible. The connections are already so tight because it’s all one body.

The problem is that we are not in this uniform system as an integrated part. We don’t want to be simply a part within the system. By that attitude, we ruin the system. Meaning, we’ve come to a good situation by being connected, but at the same time we see the evil. We are not built for a world that is evolving within the uniform system and yet in which we ourselves still haven’t evolved. We are missing the internal development (mental, spiritual) for even the physical world that we’re in. We built systems that are interconnected and yet we, who operate them, are not connected. That’s why all those systems are correct. That is why you can’t say that this progress (civilization and their technologies) are not good, but rather they are used contrary to these systems. They are systems of connections between everyone, and we are detached from everyone.

Actually, man is the detrimental element, and not the technology that we developed. The ego is not bad, if we could add the right communication to the ego, then we would succeed. We don’t have to go back to the caves and live like savages. All we need to do is to put our participation into a good state. That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is in favor of science, evolution and various other things. Religions feel threatened by technology, science and all of that, but the wisdom of Kabbalah does not. The wisdom of Kabbalah is supportive of it.

What people develop through ego is very good, through their striving to have a better life. But in order to achieve this better life you need to add the purpose, the intention. The abundance should appear to him as a better and more comfortable life in the world. However, this abundance will be throughout the whole of society, and not only for every person individually.

Question: You’re saying the world has become “a small village.” He wrote about it many years ago, etc. But an ordinary person who gets up in the morning, goes to work and comes back home in the evening, it’s fine that there’s globalization, great, I have many servants all over the world. But it doesn’t mean anything to the other picture that he’s drawing. If you take from the world, then you also have to serve them, and care for the well-being of the whole world.

That’s exactly what we have to add. If I receive from the whole world it means that I owe them, and if I don’t repay it comes back to me with great pain.

Of course, I can enjoy the whole world today and not pay them back. But he says that if it’s really a uniform system and I receive from the whole body and don’t give back, then I kill myself and to that little extent, the entire world. That’s how the world appears eventually. Although, everyone in the world and I can enjoy. You know if we gave away everything we had, how much everyone would have? In addition to the Light from the spiritual level, the eternal fulfillment, we would feel this psychological fulfillment. We would feel happy, everyone!

Today, no one is happy or satisfied, not the giver, nor the receiver, not the thief nor those who are suffering from the theft. No one is happy because we’re all going against the general system. The general system is filled with Light, however, if you’re against it, if you’re opposite from it, you’re not receiving this Light. And only by being as divided cells in one body will we receive that Light from the corrected system that is above us. It’s our pattern, and only from that can we be fulfilled, confident and eternal.

Globalization works against us right now. Against us, meaning it makes us feel worse and worse. It’s happening in order to bring us to the recognition of evil.

Question: So there is globalization, that’s on the macro look at what is happening, but there’s a process that’s going opposite. The ordinary person is diving deeper into his little shell. He doesn’t care if the world burns today, it’s becoming like that more and more every day. It’s as if from the larger picture everything is more interconnected and on the personal level of a person everything is becoming even more reduced. From day to day, he cares less.

That’s exactly the contradiction that should appear. How we’re all detached from the general system, and how we all go into our shells, that’s correct, and we don’t need the entire world, we don’t care if the whole world burns even though we’re fed by the world every moment. If coal doesn’t come here, we’ll live without electricity. If something else doesn’t come here then, if we don’t give something to someone we’ll also not receive.

Today you can’t do anything that is not connected to the rest of the world. Meaning, everything that happens to us, you can see that in the end all the main countries in the world (I’m not talking about those who live, say, in the Amazon, detached) contribute. You can check that in every single thing that you use, you’ll see that every single person in the world put something into it.

Today we’re in a situation where it’s not groups anymore; it’s not even nations, it’s going to be like Babel. We’re going back as if to the same situation in order to build from the tower of Babel a new tower filled with good things. In the end, that’s how people will discover that they are the only ones, who do harm in reality, only man.

Question: It’s as if there are two extreme opposites.

Of course it’s extremes. On the one hand is globalization, the connection between everyone that we’re building, and on the other hand, the lack of connection we are building amongst us. We’re building technological connections, superficial connections. We discover how the whole world, other than us, is connected. We don’t yet see that through nature the world is connected in all kinds of connections and all the natural forces are as one force. Although we’re beginning to see it today, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, we think they’re all separate things. They’re not separate. Today everyone is mingling each with the other; it’s all beginning to look like one science, about one reality. We see that only man is not an integral element in the world he’s in. It’s as if the whole world, still, vegetative, animate, the hidden forces, what I know, what I don’t know, is more and more one. If I want to enjoy anything, I have to build systems as one, whether I like it or not. It turns out that even what I built, and nature as well, is opposite from me. In the end people will discover that they have to make all people the same one system that will clothe it, and that will be Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction). That’s the correction. That’s all there is: to transform ourselves to match ourselves to nature, including the corporeal nature.

Physical nature and spiritual nature have the same processes, the same forces, everything is inside it. All of nature besides man is altruistic. We can’t see it because of the corruption in our senses, that behind our senses there are egoistic systems. Otherwise we would see that there is no harm here and nothing like that by nature. Everyone, other than us, functions in one system, and by that we ruin the system. We build globalization because we can’t build anything any other way. If we want to progress in the way we function, (and to enjoy the world more) we have to connect more. We can connect superficially, but not internally for the time being.

Question: I don’t see a problem with the globalization in physical terms, because as people receive, so they give to everyone through their work.

That’s right, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. On the outside, of course, that’s how we operate. I give to you; you give to me. Thank God! That’s pretty obvious. Now it’s clear to us that on the outside, that’s how we have to relate to each other. We have international bank system, a general communications system, Internet, phones, gas, oil, it doesn’t matter what, everyone pays, everyone supplies another, and it’s all a give and take thing. And we try to create rules within it, depending upon what we see, that everything is according to effort.

Here we’re talking about the attribute of truth. This is also not built according to the attribute of truth, but that’s a different story. But we see that the more we connect to each other, and each takes upon himself the artistry, professionalism and specialization, by that we all benefit. Each one should take his place and serve the entire world, and then he’ll be able to enjoy more from the whole world.

I’m not afraid today that I’m not making bread, growing vegetables and fruit or breeding chickens so that I have everything and I won’t be dependent on anyone. No, it’s better for me to know how to produce, say, eggs and sell them. But can I eat all these eggs, can I live off them? No. But it’s worthwhile for me to do that, because this way I benefit from the entire world. Why? Because there’s a connection among people. That whole process is built only for us to discover that we are not connected. Meaning, everything that we have built is seemingly general, common and connected; and at the same time, being dependent on each other, we are beginning to discover how destructive this dependency is.

Question: Why is it destructive?

Destructive, for two reasons. One, if I am so important to everyone then the world is afraid of what will happen to me. However, we’re not connected; I don’t have any connection, any relation or care for the world. We now have to develop systems that would enable everyone to be concerned with the well being of the other. I’ll tell you more.

Today for the first time in history, man developed weapons that enable one person to destroy the entire world. In the past a rifle or some other weapon could kill one person. With a machine gun perhaps you could kill a hundred, or a thousand people, but today that’s not the case. In other words, we are beginning to see that if one isn’t connected to the whole world, (even though he himself is dependent upon the world) the world itself is dependent upon him, for better or for worse.

We have to balance the system, otherwise… We have two systems, one above the other, the technological system and the mental one. If you do not correct the feelings of people toward the world so that they feel that the whole world is theirs, the system is not going to work, and neither is the other. We have yet to discover this, but Baal HaSulam talked about it seventy years ago.

We have proven above that the total subordination of the individual to the collective is like a small wheel in a machine. He draws his life and his happiness from that collective and therefore the well-being of the collective and his own well-being are one and the same, and vice versa. Therefore, to the extent that a person is enslaved to himself, he necessarily becomes enslaved to the collective as we have spoken in length above.

Now he is writing about the entire thing, right? We still have to reach it, recognize it, but that’s the law. We are not outside the laws of nature; we are in the same systems as nature. If we seemingly don’t want to keep the laws of nature, then we find that if we don’t keep them physically then we see that we’re immediately harmed. Mentally, internally we don’t know the connection between our lack of equivalence with nature and the harm that this causes us. That’s the problem on the one hand.

On the other hand, why does it happen this way? It happens in this way so that we will develop a Kli for a different dimension of existence. If on the mental level we discovered that we are all connected to one another, then we would by necessity connect to each other. And by that action we would be like animals, more like the beasts incorporated in nature, keeping the laws of nature without any awareness. Rather, we must come to keep the laws of nature, though they appear to be in darkness, in concealment, and we don’t even see the system that we’re connected to. Nevertheless, we have to do it by our own free will, and in so doing we become higher than nature, up to the level of the Creator.

If the rules were disclosed we would be like animals. If the rules are hidden it enables us to reach the degree of Godliness. For the time being we are neither this way nor that way, we are suffering, not like animals and beasts, but more than animals. We’re suffering because we haven’t reached the spiritual level.

Question: We see that the world system is built on taking. International corporations and those working with the Internet don’t use the connection among all the countries to do good; rather, they’re doing it to profit more. So how does that become a model by which I judge what’s me and what’s on the outside?

We learn that the systems that we develop, whether we like it or not, are systems of connection among people. The fact that the connection is corrupted is because people put themselves into the technique, the technology. What do I discover in the world? How do I evolve? I discover in the world the rules of the world, and I use them. Wasn’t there electricity before me in the world? I only discover, right? Discover additional systems that exist in nature and use them.

I don’t invent anything out of the blue. So, on the one hand we are discovering on our level communication systems between parts of reality, at the still, vegetative, animate and speaking degrees of nature. On the other hand, within the systems that we are developing we put our own ego and no one wants to be connected to another, you’re right. I don’t want to give myself to the world. I discover technical systems; I build them, new technologies and everything. But the attitude that I put into that connection that I have built is anti connection.

I don’t do it to participate in the system, to give to the other; rather it’s about how to receive more from the other. This whole development moves against me because I have built systems seemingly to connect, but it is connection in order to receive. That is why the systems themselves are good. What we should correct is our attitude toward them. That’s why I said Kabbalists are not against this development, technology, and everything; we just have to add to it the correction, our own correction.

And what is the extent of the above collective? That is determined by the perimeter of the drawing of the individual from them. For example, in the earlier historic eras, that perimeter was only the perimeter of one family,…

Meaning they only felt a connection within the family, clan, or tribe.

…meaning that the individual did not need any aid but only from his own family members, at which time he certainly didn’t have to be subordinated to anyone but his own family.

Look, he wrote of these things then, of course now there are many works, much research, studies about this and so on by all kinds of scientists, biologists, sociologists, and politicians. But this was written by a person seventy years ago, in the nineteen thirties, when these problems were still not shown to us. It wasn’t even a topic then for discussion for people or the world at large to deal with. If we look back at the research that scientists did then, they weren’t concerned with that. They didn’t feel that it was a problem yet.

In later times the families gathered in towns and states, and the individual became enslaved to his town. Later on when the towns and states became counties, the individual was supported by all his countrymen for the happiness of his life. Therefore he became enslaved by it through all the people in the country. Therefore, in our generation, when each person is aided for his happiness by all the countries in the world, it is necessary that the individual become to that extent, enslaved to the whole world as a wheel in a machine.

Question:There are many people in the world who understand this and thus suppress the ego, become detached, they don’t need anything for themselves—there are many such methods. People like that become seemingly freed from the level of this world because they are completely independent, they don’t need pleasures or anything. So the question is, why such people have an inclination to care for the world?

How do they care to the world?

Question (cont.):I don’t know, they’re for peace among people….

Wait a minute. If they’re detached from the world how can they care about it?

Question (cont.):That’s the question.

Look, there are many trends in humanity and we have to see that there are people who say “let’s kill half of humanity and everything will be fine” as well, you know. There are many plans and theories. You asking about something specific and, possibly, I don’t have an answer right now. We have to think of how to connect to all these things. We know that there are many opinions in that because there are so many nations, meaning, within every person there are seventy elements and they’re all interconnected.

A human is a very incomplete animal within, so by detaching from the world do they benefit the world? By detaching themselves from the system of Adam ha Rishon mentally, do they benefit the world by that? How can I benefit the world? Yes, now I’ll sit in the lotus position in a corner and lock myself up in a room and think that the world will be happy because of that action? Will the world be happy because of that or not? No.

If I am a Kabbalist somewhere up there and from there I influence… But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about a person who is below the Machsom (barrier).Below the Machsom I must give to the world: first, my share in matter, and also my share in spirit. I have to connect to everyone so there will be two systems: as we are connected in one body, so we should be connected in one heart. These two systems must be connected.

If I sit in some corner I don’t do that. That’s why all those who are escaping [the reality], are doing so because it is convenient for them, they’re happy. I understand them.

That does not do any good, if you’re not at the level of the thought where you are working, where your actions actually are, meaning when you have a Masach (screen) and the Machsom and the Spiritual Force. Then they can say about you, well who knows, he’s doing some big corrections for the world, he’s bringing abundance to the world, the whole world is fed by you, yes? And you settle for, I don’t know, a hundred grams of carobs a day, right? So, we’re not talking about that situation. In other cases a person has to physically participate in the world by bringing to the world both the wisdom of Kabbalah on the spiritual level and by his own participation to the extent that he is fed from the world in a corporal way. That’s why a Kabbalist has to work and participate in every system in this world.

Question: But before a person corrects his ego everything he does is necessarily harmful.

No.If you already aim, but still cannot do it de facto, but your intention is already in the right direction, that’s how you’re tested. Why do we say NRNdeTzadikim. Why “ deTzadikim?” They’reevil, they’re in broken vessels. Are they righteous now? Why are those in broken Kelim and who only have a point in the heart called Yisrael? Why Yisrael (straight to God)? It is because they have an inclination to it.

Therefore, the possibility of making good, happy, and peaceful conducts in one state, is inconceivable when it is not so in all the countries in the world and vice versa. Because in our time, the countries are all linked in the satisfaction of their needs of life, as individuals were in their families in earlier times. Therefore we can no longer speak or deal with just conducts that promise the well-being of one country or one nation, but only the well-being of the whole world, because the benefit or harm of each and every person in the world depends and is measured by the benefit of all the people in the whole world.

And although this is in fact known and felt, still the people in the world have not yet grasped it properly. And why? Because so is the conduct of the development in nature, that the act comes before the understanding. And only actions will prove and push humanity forward.

He’s saying it very openly, very simply, it becomes clearer and clearer every year and that’s how he writes. Is there anything to add? Please. Yes.

Question: Say, there is a cab driver who works in Tel Aviv. He takes people day in and day out. He is helping the society and earning the sustenance—legitimately. And now let’s say there is a guy who sells peoplefood from morning to night. He feeds people. He is also contributing and that's legitimate. What are a taxi driver and a food vendor lacking in the light of what we’re discussing?

Well that’s simple. Everyone works in order to make money, not in order to serve the public. You’re saying it’s legitimate. Why is it legitimate? I built for myself a market where I can work and get what I want, right? If I could receive what I want without working that would be better. Meaning, what do people want, to receive? Not to contribute to the public. Your picture is very… might seem nice, but what’s inside, what's happening? Both of them are egoists who want to exploit the public. They don’t have a choice because if they steal they’ll be caught and put in jail. I can’t come with a gun or something, and so I work as a cab driver. I have no choice, I take people from here to there, I don’t care about them, I get money. Perhaps I even enjoy the work and I philosophize with them or something.

We have to see what’s within. The intention is to profit, to make money. Would they be happy if they didn’t receive even a piece of bread just as long as they could take people, and for them that would be the greatest reward, they wouldn’t lack anything in life except for doing this simple work? Are you picturing a taxi driver or a food vendor in this way or not? You’re not, so that’s what we have to add to this system that we built. It’s true for each of them, as it’s written, “go and live off one another,” but that was written two thousand years ago in the Talmud. Yes, that’s what it says, “go and live off each other,” but it is written on the corporeal level and on the spiritual level.

We have to be like that on two levels. Meanwhile, we do it on one level, because that is what life compels us to do. But even on the physical level it’s not working. Well, for example, if we were talking about cab drivers, you know how they treat you.

This is because human intention is corrupted. It is the human within this system that we built who is not participating. What participates is his external body, he himself doesn’t, and that’s what nature requires of us. The inner human is the part that’s cut off and detached from all of nature.

All of nature is in complete bestowal, and operates as one system. We, the human in us, do not want to be an integral part of the system and that is what we have to correct. This cannot succeed without our full participation. We must want it and be compelled to do it through society to such an extent that each person in that society will be working only to benefit the whole society. In nature wolves don’t know what they’re doing to sheep and sheep don’t know what they’re doing to wolves. Nature manages all these things according to forces, balance; it’s all arranged this way. No one gets mad at the other. No one loves or hates another. It’s nature.

It’s not like that for people. People have to express their attitude to the law. Why? This is because it’s their attitude that makes them human. They have to be like the Creator. They have to fully agree and desire to adopt all of these systems of nature, understanding that even if there was not a Creator, “I’d do exactly the same. From the first point of creation to the end of creation I would build the whole system exactly the same.” That’s called “doing good to His creations.” That’s what we have to come to, that’s called acquiring the Rosh of his Partzuf. So where’s your cab driver in this picture?

Question: When we look more deeply we see that everyone is bestowing, even that cab driver or a food vendor.

Of course everyone is working in bestowal but do they understand that they’re doing it? We’re not corrupting anything in nature. We live now in the world Ein Sof, but we don’t see the world Ein Sof. We see a different reality instead, because our tools of perception are corrupted, our attitude is corrupted. So what are you trying to say?

Question: How is that expressed physically when hat cab driver or a food vendor will be corrected?

How is it expressed? We’ll see that the whole world is Light, a corrected Kli, in equivalence of form with the Light, with those cabs and everything. Nothing has to disappear, but you will see a completely different picture. As well, things will function differently. We have to remember about the perception of reality, how we perceive reality in our Kelim. We don’t perceive what’s on the outside; we perceive what we invent from within.

What is this reality that we’ve built? I’ve built a pen and some other things. I built spiritual discernments, that's actually what this pen is. There is no matter. On one level of my desire, the lowest level, I feel it as matter. That’s how I feel it, it’s my sensation, but it doesn’t exist outside of me. You just have to understand that changing our attitude to society is the key to changing our attitude to reality. It’s a springboard to changing our internal vessels of perception and in that we come to see an opposite world. We feel ourselves in a different dimension.

You can’t imagine today how it will look, because these are different Kelim. It’ll seem different even for a person who is in this world when the rest of the people haven’t yet realized their choice and have not yet reached Gmar Tikkun. But afterthey realize it and reach Gmar Tikkun, then it’s a completely different reality.

Here, too, we have a problem, because it’s seemingly time dependent, but if we’re not talking from the perspective of time and not about this world, then there is no time. Where do we exist? Is there ‘this world,’ is there a ‘spiritual world,’ ‘six thousand years,’ the ‘seventh millennium?’ These are degrees of your perception. You can travel in them, and then you’ll see an independent reality that depends on nothing. And if you’re in Gmar Tikkun, so what is Gmar Tikkun for you?Was there ever corruption? Our language just doesn’t let us view the true picture. So let’s change ourselves within and we’ll have a common language that can express the truth.

Question: That’s exactly my question. How do we explain to a cab driver this change of attitude less empirically and closer to the heart?

In a month’s time, I have a congress in Arosa, Switzerland, with the World Wisdom Council. I hope that I’ll be able to present this correctly. There we are participating as partners and we’ll talk exactly about that. There’s also a workshop and a lecture for youth who are interested in these things. It is a large international group of people. When we were in Japan there were five thousand participants there, only Japanese.

What am I trying to say? We have the possibility of explaining to the world and there’s a willingness to listen about the method of correction. And the more we explain, the more they begin to understand that there is no other method for correction. It is a method regardless of Kabbalah or Judaism; we just explain it as Baal HaSulam does here. Does it say anything about anyone? He says, “guys, we’re all one village, we’re all interdependent, so let’s do this, let’s create this partnership, willingly, and we’ll be happy.” That’s it. We just have to implement the method. To do that means the need for explanation, study and proof; not just with blind faith, and then we can bring the world to it. In so doing, we are continuing Baal HaSulam’s work exactly. It’s possible.

Question: When a person was dependent only on his family, on a small group of people, he was able to choose good people and answer love with love and be corrected. But now that we’re all dependent on the world and most of the people are egoists, they just give to us without any choice. So I don’t have a choice but to be egoistic to them. This globalization brought corruption not correction.

Globalization doesn’t bring corruption in and of itself. In the end it brings to a person the fact that it is the human being who is corrupted. Phone lines, Internet, oil, gas and everything in the world, the technology, planes and everything, they are neither good nor bad. They are inanimate, still. The fact that I can grow a multitude of vegetables that won't spoil or that I can play soccer with tomatoes and then eat them are examples of how it is today. It’s also for the better, otherwise humanity would have died a long time ago of starvation. So all of these things are good, but I’m not good because I don’t know how to use it in that globalized form as society reveals, in that same form of connection. And the form of connection is my desire to participate, to be connected with each other to benefit the other, that’s the connection from the perspective of the human being.

Question: How can one decide that now he will change his attitude as you described? In my current state, changing my attitude to benefit the other and not to benefit myself seems like suicide.

That’s exactly what Baal HaSulam tells us in his article in Shamati. That a person who discovers that he does want to rise to reach Lishma, he sees that he’s losing himself, his family, the world, he’s becoming distant from them, he’s going to sacrifice himself for some abstract notion. That’s What is the reason for the heaviness in the work?, article number four, from Shamati.

We must know the reason for the heaviness felt when one wishes to work in annulling one’s “self” before the Creator …

For nature – what is the Creator?

…and to not care for his own interest. One comes to a state as if the entire world stands still and he alone is now seemingly absent from this world; and leaves his family and friends for the sake of annulling before the Creator.

There is but a simple reason for this called “lack of faith."

What is a lack of faith?

It means that one does not see to whom one nullifies, meaning he does not feel the existence of the Creator. This causes him the heaviness.

However, when one begins to feel the existence of the Creator, one’s soul immediately yearns to be annulled and connected to the root, to be contained in it like a candle in a torch, without anymind and reason.

It’s our nature. If we discover a Great One, I’m cancelled; I don’t have a choice. So all we need is for Him to appear.

Why doesn’t He appear? If He did, I’d cancel myself, and then because I would be canceling myself like an animal without any mind or reason, that would not be good. In order for the Creator to appear before me, I must have a Masach so that He will not annul me; He’ll remain Him and I’ll be equal with Him. That’s why He’s hidden. If He’d been disclosed we’d be like animals, plants and any part of nature that doesn’t have a choice but simply does what the Great One commands and that’s it.

Question: So how do we reach this faith that we lack, so that we will agree…?

Faith you acquire first, despite the concealment, I have to acquire the force of the Masach to stand against Him. What does the Masach tell the Light? “Don’t come to me, but rather, I’ll be in touch with you to the extent that I remain independent.” That’s called the “shame,” it’s the guest and the Host. I want to be independent. I’ll be me, You be You. To the extent that I’m like You, we’ll be in touch. Don’t do me any favors.

Question: You said there are two systems, one is partly in matter and one is partly in spirit. The part in matter is built already, but it’s corrupted because there is no part in spirit. Now to be able to build the part in spirit it has to be understood how this system really works. But until it is built what do we do until then?

You are saying that you’re worried about killing ourselves in the meantime? Well, Baal HaSulam says it’s possible. He talks about a third and fourth world war and a nuclear war.

Question : So what do we do in the meantime?

Show the world that there is hope and that there is a method by which we can correct ourselves. That’s all we need, and the method is relatively easy.

The problem is only to present it, to make it accessible and not to relate it to people’s problems. It’s not their fault; it’s our fault that we’re not presenting them the method. They can’t do anything. It all depends on those who already have something, some knowledge. It is our duty to offer this method to the world as much and as clearly as we can, and then we’ll succeed.

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