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Michael Laitman, PhD


Since the beginning of time man has been searching for answers to the fundamental questions of being: who am I, what is the purpose of my existence and the existence of the world, what happens after we die, etc? The question about the purpose, the meaning of life heightens daily human ordeal and suffering, bringing it to a global level – why do we have to suffer at all?

Because there are no answers to these questions, the search continues in all possible directions.

Ancient belief systems, now trendy eastern teachings are part of this search. Humanity is constantly searching for a logical substantiation of its existence; man investigates the laws of nature for many thousands of years already.

Modern scientists are finding that the more they advance in their scientific investigations, the more confusing and unclear the picture of the world becomes. However, answers to the questions about the purpose of this world and mankind’s have not yet been found.

Kabbalah as a science offers a method for investigating the world. This method allows a person to develop the ability to sense the hidden part of the universe. The word “Kabbalah” means “reception” and expresses a human aspiration to receive the highest knowledge, to sense the true picture of the world.

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