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Part I: Kabbalah Meets Quantum Physics

Kabbalah Meets Quantum Physics

A unique scientific conference was held in San Francisco, California in March, 2005, introducing Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman, PhD and quantum physicists William Tiller, PhD, Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, and Fred Alan Wolf, PhD. All three scientists participated in the docudrama hit, What the Bleep Do We Know? The theme of the conference was “Quantum Physics Meets Kabbalah”...

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Attendees of the San Francisco Conference

About attendees of the San Francisco Conference: Professor William Tiller, Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, Jeffrey Satinover, MD, MSc, Michael Laitman, PhD ...

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Presenting Kabbalah

The wisdom of Kabbalah (“reception” in Hebrew), as its name implies, teaches us how to receive. It explains how we perceive our surrounding reality. To understand who we are, we must first learn how we come to sense reality around us, and how to cope with the events that befall us. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides us with all these insights...

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The Nature of Matter

The Wisdom of Kabbalah has evolved over thousands of years and been disseminated among Kabbalists throughout history. I would like to briefly review the key points in this process...

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The Giving Force and the Receiving Force

The Kabbalistic knowledge we possess is a result of Kabbalistic investigations performed by those people whose souls were burning with the question regarding the meaning of existence. They used a special method to begin to feel the comprehensive reality, and they wrote books about what they discovered. When Kabbalists first sense the complete reality, they call it “the opening of the eyes”...

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Between Kabbalah and Science

What is the existing outlook of science on the topic of freedom of choice? What is the Kabbalistic approach to relationships between men and women at the start of the 21st century and what is the Kabbalistic prognosis in that field? What is the Kabbalistic explanation of personal fate and collective fate? I understand the importance of unity among people, but does Kabbalah have a position concerning each individual regardless of the fate of others?..

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Quantum Theory

This lecture will focus on a field that is considered to be “advanced science,” but which, compared with Kabbalah, is actually quite primitive...

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The Credibility of Quantum Theory

Any theory can be proven wrong. Quantum theory, too, is only a theory and may turn out to be mistaken. Moreover, even today there are scientists who consider it erroneous and are searching for alternatives...

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