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Part III: Perception of Reality

Building the Spiritual Kli (Vessel/Tool)

The gist of our work is the making of the Kli. If we know how to build our tool of perception correctly, we will understand where we truly are. As we have said in the previous section of this book, our substance consists of a desire to receive delight and pleasure...

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Perception Patterns

Our tools of perception can never perceive the Essence, regardless of our degree. Although what we perceive is indeed the Essence, we can only perceive it through Matter, and we cannot even imagine what the Essence itself is like. Moreover, we cannot even want to perceive the Essence...

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Regaining Consciousness

The wisdom of Kabbalah has maintained its stance concerning the perception of reality for thousands of years. Conversely, science cultivated its approach through several key stages...

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Picturing Reality

As we have previously said, the fundamental principle in perceiving reality is that of “equivalence of Form,” which means equilibrium of pressures. The senses function as sensors, each with a different reaction to the pressure, depending on the make up of the sensor...

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