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Part IV: Realizing the Spiritual Gene

The Reshimo

Our perception of ourselves and reality determines how we sense ourselves and reality. This is the basis for all our research. We need to understand what a human being is, and if we have any existence in and of ourselves...

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Revealed and Concealed

The difference between the revealed and the concealed in this world and the spiritual world is only with respect to us. Everything we still do not know—in this world, as well—is called “concealed.” If what is unknown becomes known, it becomes revealed. Thus, at any given moment we are in both the revealed and the concealed. The difference between this world and the spiritual world is in the way we acquire forms and patterns of perceiving reality...

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Nature’s Laws

We live in a world we know only partially. There are many rules in Nature, some of which we discover easily because they are evident from our own existence...

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Kabbalah—the Modern Science

Unlike any other science, Kabbalah reveals to us the Upper World. This is why it is most often referred to as a “wisdom” instead of a “science.” The empiric, scientific approach of the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the same research principles that apply to other fields of research...

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