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Kabbalah and Humanity

The Time to Act

In his article Time to Act, Baal HaSulam discusses the uniqueness of our time. He states that ours is the time when humanity has sufficiently matured to desire spirituality.

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Education is humanity’s central problem. If we could provide a correct form of education and grounding to at least one generation, we could then be certain that all future generations would be brought up suitably and live optimally.

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Why Kabbalah? Why now?

Today, many people believe that humanity’s progress is approaching a dead end. Our past hopes for a better, happier life through scientific and social progress have been overshadowed by a growing pessimism over what seems to be an impasse...

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Correct Use of the Ego

Throughout history, humanity has tried numerous ways to annul the ego or artificially reduce it in order to reach equality, love, and social justice. Revolutions and social changes have come and gone, but all have failed because balance can only be acquired by correctly combining the full power of reception with the full power of bestowal...

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Evolution of the Human Desire for Pleasure

The evolution of the desire for pleasure caused humanity to sense a constant need to develop, to invent, and to discover new things. A greater desire means greater needs, which yield keener intellectual and perception abilities.

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Evolution of the Generations

Society today is an egoistic society. However, it also contains sufficient preparations that can help it become an altruistic society.

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The Necessity of Altruism

Originally, all people were internally connected. We felt and thought of ourselves as a single human being, and this is exactly how Nature treats us.

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Raising the Next Generation of Children

We bring our children up to be kind to others because we subconsciously know that being unkind to others eventually hurts the unkind person. We want to give our children security, and we feel that we can succeed only by means of altruistic education.

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