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Michael Laitman, PhD

Soul, Mind and Character

Q: What happens to a soul that is dressed in a smart person and how is it affected by such a mind and character?

A: The body and the evolution of intelligence in no way affect the soul and its development, meaning the correction and fulfillment with the Light of the Creator. The fact that the soul and the body are “linked” in one person does not mean that the body influences the soul, because the soul is a desire to give (bestow), something which does not exist in the body’s nature. In principle, the soul must change in a person, it must be corrected. This is why it is sent to the lowest level of creation – this world.

The body gives the soul something “extra” that allows it to exist until a person is able to identify with the soul rather than with one’s corporeal body: the mind and character. Every habit and characteristic that has to do with this world and exists in all people requires no correction.

A person should not suffer because of one’s characteristics and should not change them in any way, but instead should make contact with the Creator, which is our goal. Character has no bearing on that.

I advise everyone to research the Creator, study His deeds, His powers and the spiritual laws, instead of delving within self. “One is where one’s thoughts are.” Therefore, one who is adhesive with the Supreme is in the Supreme, and one who lowers self to lower attributes and suffers from them, “eateth his own flesh.”

Salvation and correction come from Above. A person must only extend upon self the influence of the Upper Light, and that Light will correct everything that needs to be fixed.

The character does not change. Man’s characteristics remain the same, because the will to receive exists in us. The will to receive takes a different form in each of us, in character, in perception of life and in desires. The form of the will does not change, only the aim and the use of it, from receiving “for myself” to an aim “for the Creator.”

The conception and the birth of man and everything he does in this world arouse no response in the spiritual worlds. They have no effect whatsoever on the soul, because everything in our corporeal world is born and reveals itself before us by evolution from the movement of Upper Forces from up downward, as described: “There is not a grass below that does not have an angel above, that strikes it and says to it: Grow”.

Only our desires to draw near the Creator have any effect on Above. A desire to draw near the Creator is a desire to equalize with Him in His desire to bring us pleasure. These desires are called “raising MAN.” If we want to do everything for the Creator, as He wants to do for us, if we ask of Him to give us a chance to do it, than that prayer is felt in Him and He responds to it.

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