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The Zohar - A Brief Introduction

Who is The Zohar for? What is The Zohar about?

The Zohar was written for people with very high spiritual attainment. It contains the spiritual depictions of Rabbi Shimon (Rashbi), who attained all 125 degrees of spiritual attainment. He expressed the entire spiritual path and titled it “ Zohar” ( Zohar is the Hebrew word for “radiance”).

The Zohar “speaks” in pictures and parables. Those who read them know what they’re reading, and what the The Zohar depicts. When others reach the same degree, they, too, understand what is written in The Zohar.

The Zohar is built in such a way that only those who reach a certain spiritual level can benefit from what they discover in it. Before that, one may read and benefit from the spiritual force of the book, but it is extremely difficult to connect to what The Zohar writes about. We cannot see the spiritual meaning behind stories of people walking and leading their asses. Only those in high spiritual degrees can truly approach The Zohar.

The Zohar depicts all 125 spiritual degrees. You have to be in each degree yourself, with its complete attainment, and then The Zohar shines as its name implies: “ Sefer ha Zohar” (“ The Book of Radiance”).

When we all understand and feel what is written in The Zohar, we will begin to discover how the whole system works. This is called the Upper World.

In order to reach the Upper World and perceive what is written in The Zohar, we need to engage in the spiritual path that The Zohar describes. This is called “the path of correction,” or, “the path of Light.”

The further we progress on this path and correct ourselves, the more we will see what it means to climb the degrees of the worlds. Creation is divided into 125 degrees, and as we correct ourselves, the system reveals itself to us by the 125 degrees of disclosure.

Now we are in the system as corrupted, egoistic parts. When we correct ourselves, we will discover the eternal life within it.

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