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Out of all known creatures, man is the most complete. Yet it is he, who asks himself the eternal question that keeps facing him in every generation: what is the purpose of creation?

Scientists have been trying to find the reason for man’s existence for centuries, yet failed to find the answer. The question grows more and more acute with each passing generation, because the pains do not decrease and the struggle for survival continues. Hence, it is quite possible that the answer is not within our reach, and science simply cannot answer it.

But it is not just about the question - why do things exist, but also about the question: what am I living for? The evolutionary processes of nature and living organisms astonish us with their inconceivable contradictions. For example: a cub matures in a matter of weeks or a few months, while a human infant needs many years to grow. Only at the end of the process do you see that it is he who is the Lord of Creation. However, during the transition phases, man is much weaker than any other animal.

It is amazing to see the contradiction between the maturation of man and that of any other animal. If we did not know the final outcome, we would reach the opposite conclusion – that it is the cub that will become the Lord of Creation and the human will lead a bitter life and die. Hence, we do not understand the meaning of reality or the logic in the process of evolution.

We perceive the world through our five senses. What we perceive by sight, sound, smell, taste and touch then unite to form the image of the world around us. Therefore, if we had other senses we would feel the world differently. It is common knowledge that dogs ‘see’ the world through their sense of smell, and to the bees the world appears divided into billions of cells.

Thus, we perceive only a small portion of all that exists around us, and in a very limited range. Is it possible to feel everything around us? Can it be that this is where the secret to the purpose of our existence lies?

If this is so, then we need another sense, a sixth sense, a sensor to what we cannot feel with the other five senses. How can we acquire that sense? Why are we not given that sense at birth?

There is a simple answer to that: man must develop it himself. Man is very different in his development to all other creatures. He acquires, or develops everything by himself, with a human, moral effort.

It is precisely that sense that differentiates man from the beast. Out of all living creatures, man is the only one who has the ability to develop and discover in himself that hidden sense and develop it.

Man evolves gradually, from generation to generation. He evolves technologically, scientifically, culturally, but not ethically. At a certain point in evolution, humanity must feel the need for spiritual development, or else it will not endure. After that, humanity should feel an inner need to discover that extra, hidden sense. The method that was given to mankind for the discovery of that sense is called “Kabbalah.”

The evolution of humanity is like the evolution of the individual: It evolves through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. During this process, it utilizes every means at its disposal. Then, when man discovers that extra sense within him, he begins to feel a wider world around him, to see the meaning of life, the reason for the pain, the purpose of existence and a lot more. Those feelings enable him to control the world, to uproot the source of pain and head toward the goal, attain it and grasp the meaning of life.

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