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The Power of Thought

It all started with believing in supernatural powers. People believe that there are people with supernatural powers who can influence people and even large groups of people, foresee the future and even control it. People are willing to spend fortunes on healing, defense from ‘evil eye’ and fortune telling.

They believe that evil thoughts can harm another person and that the damage can be so great that it will be beyond repair and might haunt a person for the rest of his life, and cause bad results in every aspect of life - business, family and everything.

When someone comes to me with a complaint about suffering from an ‘evil eye,’ he is in fact trying to say that someone influenced him badly, meaning someone acted on him a certain way through the power of his thought, and harmed him. He also believes that I hold the power to neutralize that evil thought through my own power of thought.

If that person asks to neutralize another person’s thoughts, then they believe in the power of thought and that the thoughts do act and come true in our world.

The power of thought is the single most powerful force in reality. There are even scientists that recognize it. Our experience tells us that the more the power is subtle and elusive, the more powerful it is and less limited.

Radio waves, magnetic and electric fields, radioactive radiation, and gravity, are all examples of forces that we know of only by their actions and the phenomena they induce in our world.

There are, however, forces, such as the power of the thought, that we cannot even identify their actions and do not know the phenomena that are induced by them, although phenomena such as ‘evil eye’ or ‘luck’ are phenomena we are already familiar with. It is precisely those forces, which we cannot see in action that are the greatest powers. Today it is no longer enough to believe that they exist, we have to learn how to activate them by ourselves, and how to determine our future through them.

Question: How can Kabbalah change the future?

Answer: In order to understand that connection, you have to ‘clean your head’ first, and understand that Kabbalah is not about ancient mysticism; it is the most modernistic science and the one that is the closest to man. It is the science of the 21st century, which studies the forces we cannot see, forces that operate our world and affect every moment in our lives. It is the science that will change the future of each and every one of us in particular, and the whole of mankind as a whole. The special thing about this science is that the study itself is the connection with those powers. A person changes his life by simply studying it. He finds his connection with the upper power, with the one that brought him to our world and arranged his entire life. That power has but one goal – to bring humanity in the shortest and quickest possible way to its peak, meaning the recognition of all the laws of the upper world, as well as the ability to operate them. For every person is meant to live in both worlds together: in the familiar physical world, and in the spiritual world, which determines everything that happens here. Using this power, a person becomes like that force through the study of the Kabbalah, and conducts his life, his todays and his tomorrows.

Question: Does that mean that every thing that happens to us, every minute of the day, is related to Kabbalah?

Answer: Correct! Kabbalah is a practical, up to date science that answers every thing a person looks for in his life. It is time to reveal the secret wisdom to everyone. The Kabbalah is becoming a practical science that anyone can learn how apply and use for his own needs. That is what Kabbalists have always been writing, and that is what the book of “Zohar” says as well. Today, we are obliged to recognize the wisdom of the Kabbalah and study it in order to control reality by ourselves, according to its own instruction. The Kabbalah is a wisdom to lead the entire reality, which is meant for all people.

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