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Kabbalah as a Daily Reality

Question: What must I do in order to induce a significant change in the nation?

Answer: There is already an urgent necessity for the knowledge to reach everyone, individually and by government institutions. The various ministries of the government have to participate, possibly the ministry of education. In any case, it must be the relevant ministries that make decisions in order to lead us courageously to this necessary and vital change.

There are already small groups active around the world, studying, circulating in anyway they can, through the Internet, radio and television, and in the written press. But there is still a significant change necessary in the upbringing of the Israelis and the entire Jewish nation, and it must be lead by the Israeli government.

The emphasis must be put on our mission as a chosen people, on what we must do in order to promote the world and ourselves. It is written clearly and accurately in every book of Kabbalah, and today it is even handed down in an easy and understandable manner. It is important to stir up the desire in the public to understand it, to study the laws of the upper world so that we learn how to better conduct ourselves in this world, so that we can determine our own future, and make it the best future possible for us.

Question: If this is the most important mission, how can we bridge the differences in opinions and the rivalries and unite in order to attain it?

Answer: That message is for the entire nation and indeed the entire world. One’s perspective on life does not count here; it is about saving ourselves. The greatest Kabbalist of our time, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, who wrote the Sulam commentary on The Zohar, developed the method of Kabbalah and the approaching of spirituality for us. While it is true that The Zohar also writes about it and so does the holy Ari, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote about it in an easy way to read, such as his book, “The Revelation of Godliness” (Matan Torah). Prior to the Second World War, he published a magazine in Jerusalem that dealt with Kabbalah, with the intention to correct what was possible. Unfortunately, he did not succeed. And today we once again hope to try and perhaps have greater success in changing things for the better.

We already have a great deal of material that is easy for everyone to understand, which explains everything very simply. I think that anyone can choose whatever suites him most and understand what is written there, regardless of which party, or part of the nation he identifies with. These things belong to the entire nation and the entire world. They are our last resort, our springboard to know how the spiritual worlds behave.

There is not a person today, who does not ponder over the meaning of his life; who feels no pain at the absence of the answer. Therefore, there is not a person who will not be interested in those books that teach us how to reach a life of tranquility and confidence, and teach us the way to attain it.

Question: You keep talking about a change of thought and feelings, about a collective change of reality. What is that change?

Answer: It is a change in man’s thought, in his values. At the end of the Introduction to The Zohar, Baal HaSulam writes that if we preferred spirituality to corporeality, and spiritual laws to corporeal laws; if we chose a spiritual leadership over the corporeal one, we would organize our world correctly, exactly like the spiritual world, and then our inner values would not collide with the values that come down to us, and we would feel pleasure and peace instead of pain and suffering.

Question: Can you give me a practical example, for example, if I’m driving down the road and I am suddenly shot at, how should I relate to it?

Answer: When it already happens there is nothing you can do to change it. It is an inevitable consequence and there is no way to act in the spirit against something that already descends on you from above. It descends as a result of prior incorrect thoughts, so the shooting is by now inevitable. All you can do is what should be done in our world, meaning try as much as you can to avoid bodily harm.

The shooting is only a consequence, and our world is a world of consequences. If you really want to influence the shooting and the stoning and how your enemies relate to you, you should rise upwards, to your origin, your root, and the place where the root of your enemy lies as well, and there is where you should sort things out. The immediate result will be that everything in our world will change, because there is nothing in our world that is not an act by orders from above.

Question: Isn’t it enough to buy The Book of Zohar and put it on a shelf in order to set my life straight?

Answer: It is a fact that in almost every house there is a copy of The Zohar, mezuzahs (a text from the Bible that Jews place on doorposts) and charms. People think that there is some power in them, but it is a fact that they do not help us today. We’ve come to a time when we have to rise above these things; we should go beyond that, we must get to know the power itself, its operations on us, and not think that if I put up a mezuzah everything is going to be alright. We have to start being practical and focus on the upper force.

Question: I opened The Zohar and could hardly understand a word of what was written there. How can we learn from such books?

Answer: Before we study The Zohar, we must study several introductory books. There is a lot to read and learn as a preparation in order to know how to open the book and what to search for in it.

The Zohar is written for people who are already in the spiritual world. For those people this book is a guide as all holy books are, which shows exactly what needs to be changed in the upper world and the spiritual force to induce a change and correction of the situation in our world.

Question: There are unfamiliar names in the book, such as, the world of Adam Kadmon, the world of Nekudim etc. How are they related to my life here in this world?

Answer: They are closely related to your life, although right now you don’t feel the connection, because you still don’t feel that you are inside all these worlds. If you begin to study this wisdom, you will begin to feel them and see them. Today every person is capable and worthy of seeing and feeling the higher spiritual worlds through this world. By studying about them you become connected to them and begin to live the entire reality in a way that makes you see how we live without a body, only with our souls. You will see how souls descend to this world and become clothed in bodies; how our future is determined, what the past was and what is the reason for every thing. This way you will be able to know all the reasons and the consequences and you’ll know how to relate to your future and correct it.

It is impossible to get to it without knowing the upper world. The Creator wants us to live in all the worlds and he is already forcing us to begin the study of the upper worlds quite unpleasantly. We must take into account that the situation will not get any easier, but only harder. We have been given the land, and now it is time to start learning how to live on this unique land in order to obtain the spiritual power concealed in it. Only then, they tell us, will we be able to build the temple in the heart of each and every one of us, and the temple of us all.

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